17 May 2017


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Richard Heini -USA Rainwater Harvesting & Utilization Expert ever said “ all water is rain”, and every raindrop has its value. So have you ever thought that what can we do to reuse the rainwater? It is actually related with the rainwater harvesting system, and you can know its process easily from the following picture.
As you can see, the tank module is one of the important part of the system. The module tank is buried underground, so it doesn’t take additional space, expect this its surface also can be used to plant. By this way, not only can we collect and reuse the rainwater, but also can save valuable space to do other things.
But why should choose Leiyuan GS tanks?
 With usage of high-purity regenerated PP (polypropylene), to reach the service life more than 40;
 No precipitate after soaked in water, odorless, and with the extreme strong property of anti-strong acid and alkali.
 Multiple sizes could meet the requirements of different engineering projects;
 Certificated by American TRI testing institution, meeting the HS-20 standard in US market;
 Bearing capacity up to 45ton/sq.m, much higher than other peers;
 Popular a lot among international customers, mainly exported to the US, Europe and Australia.
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