You won’t Miss the Hanging Gardens

Green roofs according to different requirements are varied. There are common household green roofs at several forms by using drainage board system. 1, flower type is the most common form of the roof of a small platform is to use as a roof terrace planted potted then place reasonable arrangement to form a small garden. If the.. read more →

Building a Beautiful Garden with Drainage Cell

Have you ever wondering about a beautiful garden? How to do can bring you a beautiful garden? The answer is planting flowers. As we all know, flowers can’t live without water. Enough water is important for their growth. But what you can do when the lack of rain is happening? Drainage Cell is an important.. read more →

Why Is Drainage Board Useful for Your Life?

DESCRIPTION: Green roof systems of this type are drained by waffled plastic sheets called “drainage plates”. Water is retained within pockets on the upper sides of the drainage plates; excess water spills over the edges of the plates and is carried off the roof. The plastic storage and drainage plates are made from HDPE(high-density polyethylene),.. read more →

What A Good Drainage Systems Need?

Root barrier membranes are a critical component for preventing basements from wetting, but they’re only solves half the problem. In most areas of the country, a complete drainage system should also be installed to keep the root barrier membrane for long life and relieve hydrostatic pressure and. A system usually has three main components: a.. read more →

Quality of Drainage Board

Parameters affect the quality of the normal drainage board is its ability to withstand pressure. The quality of drainage board can be measured from two aspects: 1, the value of the plastic components: the current domestic drainage board basically recycled secondary materials to production, including PE, PP, and other mixes materials. PE is relatively soft.. read more →

Energy Saving Green Roof Systems for Urban Living

Protection and Beautification offered by Green Roof CHINA – August 7th, 2013 – Greening Solution from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited offers a variety of Green Roof Systems for the improvement of urban environment, the working environments as well as improving the quality of lives of people living around. Green Roof installation means a lot of.. read more →