Leiyuan Grass Grid Helps You Build a Green Parking Lot

With global climate warming, environmental issues aroused our attention. People began to consciously looking for a green material to build their own parking lot. They tried to park the car on the grass, but soon found that the parking lot would have a muddy mess. So that the grass grid appears in our sight. Grass gridis.. read more →

Plastic Grass Grid From Leiyuan Allow Light to Heavy Vehicular Traffic

Plastic grass grid from Leiyuan company form a permeable pavement surface that allows light to heavy vehicle traffic over live turf. This system employs honeycomb cells not only allow grass roots to grow without compaction from surface loads, but also allow storm water to drain directly through to the substrate.  The grass grid is made of 100% recycled HDPE are rigid,.. read more →

Plastic Ground Reinforcement Systems

The Leiyuan ground reinforcement grass grid MZ-450—made in China from 100% British recycled plastic waste. The pavers clip together easily to create highly durable ground reinforcement to any dimension, perfect for car parking, pathways and verge stabilisation, amongst its many uses. MZ-450 plastic grass grid is quick and easy to install, and creates a surface able.. read more →

Green roofs prospects and market research

Green roofs can be broadly understood as all kinds of ancient and modern buildings, structures, surrounded the city, the bridge (overpass) and other roof terrace, carried on the roof garden, balcony or large artificial rockery mountain, planting trees and flowers collectively. Green roofs of increasing urban green space, to improve the deteriorating environment for human.. read more →

Multifunctional high-strength grass grid

From 2008, Quanzhou Mingjing Plastic Products CO., Led. Cooperative invested by Quanzhou Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and production of plastic gardening materials. Now the company covers a factory area of more than eight thousand square meters.With advanced equipment and more than one hundred sets of instruction, etc. Simple design,.. read more →

Improving the urban paving environment – Energy-Saving Plastic grass grid

Grass grid is the use of advanced technology from Germany, made ​​from 100% recycled plastic made ​​from high density polyethylene, which is an environmentally friendly material recyclable, UV-resistant, anti-dramatic punch. Grass grid size is 387mm × 387mm × 380mm, after the use of lawn coverage of 95%, a weight capacity of 200t/m2, while addressing the.. read more →

Introduction about Leiyuan Greening Solution Grass Grid Paver Series.

Leiyuan Greening Solution Grass Grid Paver Series are a strong interlocking plastic grid paving system for reinforcing grassed areas for overspill car parking lots, driveways, pathways, cycles routes, golf buggy paths, wheelchair access,  light aircraft parking, emergency vehicle access routes and lawns. Leiyuan Greening Solution Grass Grid Pavers is manufactured from 100% HDPE(HIGH Density Polyethylene).. read more →

High Quality Plastic Gardening Materials Are Offered to Customers at Reasonable Rates

A wide range of quality products for landscape construction and city www.greening-solution.com greening are delivered to customers from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited through the website greening-solution.com. Green roof system and other plastic gardening materials are produced with the help of the latest technology machines in order to ensure international standard and quality. Plastic grass pavers.. read more →

Plastic Grass Grid used in Landscape renovated

Our plastic grass grid is good choice for landscape renovate. Even though outdoor space is often overlooked, exterior renovations and redesigns frequently pack the biggest punch. Your outdoor space is your first chance to make an impression on neighbors and guests, so sprucing up the landscape or adding a porch or patio can give your.. read more →

Magic parking lot to be green, strong and durable

Would you like your parking lot to be green, strong, durable? Magic it with Grass Paving Grids. Plastic grass paving grid is made from HDPE (high-molecular polyethylene) with fiber and age resistor, using high pressure to inject plastic to form bee nest-like shaped shell, with stereo space and support level. It’s widely used in parking.. read more →