How Dose GSTANK Help You Save Cost?

First, 95% hollow structure to save water bills Using collected rainwater through rainwater harvesting systems has 95% hollow structure, with the sufficient utilization and realizing the fast water storage, the water can be flowed through the modules freely, so most of the water can be collected and re-use. GS TANK Can be mainly used for rainwater storage,.. read more →

Unique Characteristic of Rainwater Soakaway Crates

With the constant requests on cooperation from foreign customers, our products have been exported to other countries since 2013 and also got the unanimous praise from the dealers and customers in the US, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia. The rainwater soakaway crates GS TANK series even passed the inspection of American’s TRI testing institution, its quality.. read more →

Leiyuan Overall Upgrade the Rainwater Harvesting Module Production Process

In order to improve the rainwater harvesting module product quality and provide better service to customers, Leiyuan is has continued to improve and progress. Recently our company has upgrade the production process comprehensively. More carefully on the purchase of raw materials Each plastics materials have their own characteristics to ratio, we are more carefully on.. read more →

How does Leiyuan Rainwater Harvesting Module Work?

Rainwater Harvesting Module, Soakaway Crates, Storm Cells, Soakaway Modules, Storm Crates all names for the same thing, they describe an interlocking crate system that has high strength and high void ratio: for Aquavoid Eco >95% . Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited is a professional manufacturer of soakaway crates for more than 10 years in China. Our products allow.. read more →

Leiyuan Company Has Successfully Developed the Fifth Generation Rainwater Harvesting Module

After repeated mould testing and improvement, the fifth generation of rainwater harvesting module have been successfully developed, now the trial qualified products has already been produced. They can be put into production after the production equipment improved . With the growing market need for standardization, Leiyuan Company is also constantly improving its own research and development capabilities,.. read more →

8 Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting Module from China Leiyuan

The first step of rainwater harvesting system is to collect the rainwater according to the requirements, and then processing the collected rainwater to achieve compliance with the design using of the standard rainwater harvesting system. At present the system is mostly consist of abandoned flow filtration system, storage system and purification system. The function of.. read more →

Leiyuan Purchase New Injection Molding Machine for Rainwater Harvesting Module Production

Recently Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited purchased a large scale equipment- injection molding machine for rainwater harvesting modular production. This kind of machine can made the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics material into various shapes of plastic products by using plastic molding mold. The clampling force of the new machine can even reach 8500KN. The large scale.. read more →

Rainwater Collection System Can be Safer and Effective

If the area you living now gets heavy or frequent rains, while you are not already taking advantage of all the clean and free water falling from the sky, then you are missing out on several beneficial opportunities. For one reason, using a rainwater collection system can save you money on your monthly utilities. Secondly,.. read more →