Which Kind Of Rainwater Tank Is The Best Choice For You?

There is an existing problem to deal with if you intend to install a rainwater harvesting system. You have to make a decision before you purchase rainwater tanks: which type of tanks is best for RWH System? Here are some common types differing in material: 1. Concrete tank: it’s heavy and usually buried underground. It.. read more →

Are you looking for an Underground Rainwater Harvesting System Solution?

Rainwater harvesting modules from Leiyuan has been used extensively throughout the world. They are made from 100% recycled materials, and are easy to install and provide a cost effective storm water management solution for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Rainwater harvesting module has high compressive strength, which means the module can be installed below high traffic.. read more →

8 Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting Module from China Leiyuan

The first step of rainwater harvesting system is to collect the rainwater according to the requirements, and then processing the collected rainwater to achieve compliance with the design using of the standard rainwater harvesting system. At present the system is mostly consist of abandoned flow filtration system, storage system and purification system. The function of.. read more →

Leiyuan Rainwater Harvesting Modular Pass TRI Testing Recently

In order to offer best rainwater harvesting modular and service to customers from all over the world, recently Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited send components for fabrication of Rainwater Harvest Modular underground stormwater storage chambers to TRI Environmental, Inc. for testing and analysis. The samples were sent and tested under TRI log number E2402-31-10. Compression testing.. read more →

Valuable Water Saving Resource – Rain Harvesting Tank

As we all know, water is a natural resource decreasing rapidly nowadays, it is reported that during peak water usage months the percentage reached to 50% of water used for irrigation purposes of the total household water used. Why we choose perfectly good drinking water to water our landscape when some people even not have.. read more →

Are You Ready to Install A Rainwater Harvesting System?

As you may know, harvesting rainwater has been a common, practice and essential for everyday life for centuries. Even today, cisterns and other rain harvesting systems are quite common in the Europe, Australia, India, Bahamas, and countless third world countries. In fact, there are still many people around the world who still depend primarily on.. read more →

Rainwater Harvesting Helps The Environment Become Eco-Friendly

Rainwater harvesting is becoming a massively popular way of collecting natural resources at literally low cost. It is not only an incredibly rewarding way to use what naturally occurs, but also save you money at the same time. The benefits of harvesting rainwater are great and it is actually quite easy to start doing too… read more →

Leiyuan Industrial Launches Rainwater Harvesting E-commerce Website

OCT 9, 2014-China-Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd has launched a new website offering a complete range of rainwater harvesting systems and products. According to Principal, Jack Burden, Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd provides a complete range of residential & commercial rainwater harvesting products. The company offers packaged solutions directly to green build developers, builders and homeowners. They.. read more →

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Water is a valuable resource and rainwater harvesting plays an important role in sustainable development. Because of this, Leiyuan’s rainwater harvesting systems are increasingly included in the standard specification of new buildings. Rainwater harvesting is a beautifully simple concept: collect the rainwater that falls on your roof, store it on site, filter and re-use it.. read more →

Popular Tips on Saving Water

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you have saved a fortune on a rainy day; Rainwater is free, pure, soft and plants love it; Replace power showers with aerated ones; Mulch your bare soil areas to slow down evaporation; Power shower uses more water than a deep bath; Wait until the dishwasher is full before.. read more →