13 Aug 2014

The modular construction of green roofs and conservation

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Modular green roof is planted containers can build drainage, light organic nutrient soil, low heat, drought plants (such as Sedum) components. Base production, and then shipped to the construction site, directly assembled merged into the green surface technology.

Modular green roof with perfect drainage features and excellent ventilation system to ensure that the plant roots do not rot; drainage system to ensure that the plants during the dry season there is sufficient supply of water and nutrients, but also ensure that the soil nutrient loss is not easy. Base production simplifying the construction process, saving a lot of manpower, material and avoid secondary dust modular roof green roof to facilitate future maintenance and greatly reduce future housing maintenance and maintenance costs.

Conservation and management points:
1 water conservation
In the early construction of planting seven days, should be kept moist nurturing matrix, summer hot weather, you should try to select watering in the morning or at night, to prevent burns Emerging Artists, pending Sedum grow new roots, to the end of the construction period of conservation . According to Buddhism after a grass growth and climate watering, watering time try to choose low-temperature period, Buddhism A shell is dry grass began to appear, you should replenish moisture.

2. up grass
Construction planting Sedum 20 days, if there massive death, replanting is necessary to deal with the lawn so Sedum survival rate of over 95%, coverage of more than 90%, and evenly distributed.

3 Dial grass
Construction maintenance period, the other hand plucking weeds should achieve “pull early, pulling a small, pull up.” After rain or watering weeding, not loose Sedum Root. After the first anniversary of the weeds growing in the summer, so that other weeds were alienated from their own dead drought management can save a lot of labor.

4 Pest Control
In the annual spring and early summer, to observe whether Sedum is disease, pest infestation, to “prevention-based, active management” principle, good pest control work. Sedum common pests asked stem rot, moths and other diseases.

5 fertilization
Sedum growing in normal, but when the grass seedlings yellow leaves can be applied a little fertilizer or sprinkle appropriate organic soil.


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