25 Jul 2013

2013 Autumn Flower Show in Shanghai

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The annual flower show will be held in autumn 2013 Shanghai before the Mid-Autumn Festival this year in Shanghai Binjiang

Forest Park kicked off, now is the sowing season, the zoo invites the public on July 27 morning to the scene to participate in sowing seeds, planting experience sweat , the pleasure of intimate contact with nature. In addition to members of the public to participate in planting seeding process involved in the field, the zoo will be complimentary seeds, so that the public take home their own planting, thinning, etc., feel Shanghai Autumn flower show in the process, creating truly experience the natural beauty of the whole process. This is Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park in Shanghai, the flower show from the park extends to the courtyard and the balcony of the family actively explore.

The contents of the event experience sprinkle seed sowing and home-grown two processes. Every citizen enrolled in activities that morning in a predetermined area, under the guidance of professionals, to sow the seeds 2 m2, seeds ready by the zoo, free of charge. Meanwhile, the zoo will be complimentary seeds to participate in the activities of the public, the public will take home their own after planting seeds, conservation, the public can take a photo of the entire process will be sent to park topics mailbox (shbjslgy@126.com), by zoo confirmed, will be giving away tickets to a park. Zoo will also work with the public in Sina, Tencent,

Xinmin microblogging and real-time interaction on the park website, publish public visitors seedling growth of the broadcast, communication gardening, gardening experience, so that the public can feel the real growth of flowers. On the day, sign up to participate in activities for zoo visitors experience the launch of the four preferential measures, one zoo gratis sow the seeds; two professionals on-site guidance; Third seeds zoo presented to the participants, along with planting Description; Fourth, a participant may be accompanied by two families, the day free admission.

Event Registration: From July 23 onwards accept telephoneregistration, enrollment by telephone 021 -58644791 quota of 50, until full. Such as telephone registration is full, do not accept on-site registration.


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