26 Jul 2017

Why should people choose GS rainwater storage tanks?

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In some areas where flooded rainwater may be one of serious problems that confuse people for a long time— how to collect it or how to utilize it?

Actually, rainwater storage tanks can help them to deal with it. Rooftop rainwater storage tanks are the core part of rainwater harvesting system whose main functions are rainwater harvesting and rainwater utilization. And there are some reasons given to see why people should choose GS rainwater storage tanks. First is that compared with other modules, GS tanks can supply much more choices for them. Plastic rainwater harvesting tanks have multiple sizes to meet the different engineering demands. The heights of modules are respectively 400mm, 500mm and 600mm. And whatever sizes the projects need, they can be combined together to adopt the engineering demands flexibly. Though the sizes are various, they are all installed conveniently so as to shorten the installation period because of their simple structures.
Why should people choose GS rainwater storage tanks?

Besides the multiple sizes, Leiyuan GS rainwater storage tanks have another characteristic which is the long service live. The plastic water tanks are made from 100% regenerated PP and thus, they are light in weight that makes them be transported easily and also, they have a long service life which can reach up to about 40 years without post-maintenance. Also, plastic rainwater storage tanks are recyclable which is Eco-friendly. The high purity regenerated PP polypropylene material is odorless and nontoxic which means that they have no negative aspects for users. What’s more, rainwater harvesting modules of Leiyuan company have many other unique characteristics. For example, GS tanks have strong bearing capacity in more than 25 tons/sqm and they can save costs from many aspects and are low-cost with obvious economic benefits.

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