04 Aug 2017

Paddock grids are necessary for you and your horse

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Do you worry about your dear horses getting injured when the ground is uneven and muddy? Or are you puzzled by the sticky soil in your horse paddock after the rainy days? Let paddock grids help you to solve these problems. 

GSGRIDs of Leiyuan company are designed to deal with the muddy areas and make the ground of paddocks and other places, like riding arenas, open stables and lunging arenas, clean and flat.

Plastic horse paddock grids are non-toxic and environmental friendly. They are made from extremely durable and high-quality HDPE with high load capacity. And they are elastic and easy to install. The no-mud paddock grids have the unique and firm connected accessories as well as a fixed edging system which can ensure the stable installation. Also, GSGRIDs are weatherproof. They can be used whether it’s in sunny, rainy, wet or dry days. What’s more, it’s guaranteed that these plastic paddock grids have a long service life of more than 10 years. They need minimal maintenance so you don’t battle with the nonexistent complex post-maintenance. 

If you install GSGRIDs on your paddock ground, you’ll truly realize the benefits they bring to you and your horses. You’ll forget the muddy problem permanently and no longer to care if your horses will fall down and get hurt after the bad weather days. Paddock grids of Leiyuan company are ideal to solve the muddy paddock problem and they are useful for the walkways as well. Once you pave them on the walkways, your feet are protected from getting hurt and from the sticky soil in constant rainfall.

Welcome to visit our website www.greening-solution.com to get more detail information about plastic paddock grids. Hope you can sovle the muddy problem and both you and your horses can enjoy the safety and joy permanently. 


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