19 Feb 2016

8 Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting Module from China Leiyuan

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The first step of rainwater harvesting system is to collect the rainwater according to the requirements, and then processing the collected rainwater to achieve compliance with the design using of the
standard rainwater harvesting system. At present the system is mostly consist of abandoned flow filtration system, storage system and purification system.

The function of Leiyuan rainwater collection system has two aspects, one is the collection of rainwater and the other one is the reuse of the rainwater. There are five steps, that is collection, transportation,
purification, storage and reuse. With these steps we can supply the water in landscape, underground water with the rain water, in this way we can make the full use of the water resource. The advantages
of the measures are in many aspects including the reduction of the flood, the reduction pollution of rainwater on the ground, the improvement of the ecological environment. The authorities can design
pavement, architecture, pool and street to collect rainwater and reuse it in the landscape.


1. Do not take up valuable space
PP Rainwater harvesting module can be installed in the underground, without any adverse impact on the landscape and waste of valuable ground surface, PP rainwater module can be put under the
ground of the city, the street, the factory, the playground, the residential area and so on.

2. Flexibility design
Leiyuan rainwater harvesting system is consist of several single modules, which make it very easy to design a pool in any size you wish, the length, the width and the shape the pool is flexible.

3. Transportation convenience.
The pp rainwater system is very light and easy to install, the basic unit of the system is single plate, so it will save lots of energy when transportation.

4. Eco-friendly
The materials of Leiyuan rainwater harvesting system are all environment friendly. They can be recycled easily and can be reused without adverse impact of the whole ecological system.

5. Strong bearing capacity
The materials of PP rainwater system can hold enough weight. Every square meters can hold weight about 25-40 ton, so they can satisfy the demand of the design of pedestrian, road, plaza and so on.

6. Long Life
The materials of rainwater system are made of excellent recycled raw materials which make the production can adapt any bad environment, such as the high or low temperature, the corrosive air.

7. Convenient to install
PP rainwater collection modular system is so easy to install that you do not even need more tools. They can be installed in the building site quickly without the cost of the vehicles and construction
machineries. They can reduce the work time about 30% in digging, transportation and 60% in refilling. All the jobs can be finished one day.

8. Competitive price and effective
The cost of PP rainwater harvesting system is much cheaper than the traditional products including in the cost of labor, transportation and installation and maintenance. The system can make the whole
project much more effectively.


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