20 Apr 2016

Advantages of Hydronic Floor Heating Module from Leiyuan

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1. Modularization
As the upgrading of traditional floor heating system, hydronic floor heating module represents the technology and application development trend of the future floor heating industry. In addition to the incomparable advantages that many other traditional floor heating system can’t reach, such as compressive strength, heat transfer efficiency, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection, hydronic floor heating module is also convenient and efficient on construction. Construction is at the assembly template, a working group (2 people) can do above 1000m2 per day, which is saving labor. What’s more, the construction is not subject to seasonal restrictions and other types can be cross immediately after installation finished.

The height of dry pavement hydronic module is only 3cm, after the completed installation, the height is about 4cm, which is greatly increasing the height of the use of space.

2. Heat preservation by air
The bottom of hydronic floor heating module from Leiyuan Company is using a linear for connection, which makes bottom part of the space-based retention, reducing the required transmission media of the heat transfer to the ground, coupled with 1cm cement mortar paving on the module to form a sealed space, the bottom of the retention space also seal a lot of air. The sealing air remains stationary, non-flowing state, its thermal insulation is only next to vacuum.

The heat source of water underfloor heating system is 15-20 ℃ lower than traditional floor heating system, the indoor temperature is 4-6 ℃ higher than outdoor temperature. The product has a convex protrusion to reduce the heat to transfer down, the thermal conductivity of hydronic module is greater than traditional foam template over 10 times, high thermal efficiency, and can reduce heat loss more than 80%. The product thickness is only 2.7cm and it is small thermal resistance, short thermal process, quick heat storage and heat.

3. Strong Compressive
Through practical verification, each piece of water floor heating grid module from Leiyuan Company can be no distortion and no cracking under a car pressure. With superior resistance to stress, it not only can effectively protect the pipe, to prevent the pipe leakage problems caused by the exception, but also avoid ground deformation caused in the state of long-term stress, which is not available to other floor heating module.

So to warm the module is ideal for factories, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and other store some large equipment, furniture and other heavy ground endurance larger establishments.

4. Environmental Safety

(1) Environmental protection

Hydronic water floor heating module from Leiyuan Company adopts polypropylene and polyethylene as materials. The material is odorless, non-toxic, non-volatile harmful gases, and has excellent resistance to high temperature (maximum temperature up to 100 ℃), what’s more, the material has small flame retardant and water absorption, good electrical properties and high-frequency insulation from humidity. Polyethylene and polypropylene is widely used in production of plastic sheeting, pharmaceutical and food packaging film, thus, the modules is environmental protection.

And because the production material is polypropylene and polyethylene, so the hydronic module has certain anti noise and flame retardant.

The hydronic floor heating module from Leiyuan Company has a certain degree of flame resistance, reduced the hidden danger of fire may caused by traditional warm insulation layer. At the same time, the water floor heating module can withhold the pipeline in the grooved and protect it, to effectively avoid contact of cement mortar and heating pipe, so that the pipeline is almost not under external pressure.

The hydronic heating module is lightweight and can reduce the floor load. Because the module is stability, non-corroding, super compression, the equipment is not affected by the outdoor temperature, so it can greatly extend the life of the heating system. Aging resistance is more than 50 years .Service life is 6-10 times of the traditional warm sheets, nearly synchronized with the building.

Therefore, the environmental health and safety of hydronic heating system module from Leiyuan is no ground for blame.


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