08 Mar 2021

Application of Rainwater Harvesting Modular

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The rainwater harvesting modular is a system that collects rainwater according to the needs and processes the collected rainwater to meet the design and use standards. The rainwater harvesting modular is mainly composed of a filtration system, a water system, and a purification system. The  is based on the rain Different water sources can be roughly divided into the following two categories:

Roof rainwater: Roof rainwater is relatively clean, with less impurities, silt and other pollutants. It can be directly discharged into the water system after abandonment and simple filtration, and used after treatment.

ground rainwater: the ground rainwater has many impurities and complex sources of pollutants. After discarding the stream and rough filtering, it must be precipitated before it can be discharged into the water system.

Application of Rainwater Harvesting Modular

This project is a nursing home, and the rainwater harvesting modular is applied under the playground for the elderly

Application of Rainwater Harvesting Modular

The  refers to the entire process of rainwater collection. Rainwater collection mainly includes four main aspects: initial abandonment, filtration, storage, and reuse. After completing these four stages, it is the entire process of rainwater collection, which is modular.

Application of Rainwater Harvesting Modular

Rainwater benefits

The first is technical benefits. The and reuse system represents the development direction of wastewater recycling in civil buildings. Breaking tradition, being brave to innovate, and constantly blazing new trails for traditional water resources, providing a development platform for the continuous advancement of water supply and technology, and at the same time for designers Bring opportunities and challenges.

Secondly, equipment has a green environmental protection effect. Urban development has two sides. It promotes social progress on the one hand, and destroys the urban environment on the other. The rainwater collection and utilization system turns the “water of heaven” into treasure and avoids The shortcomings of rainwater that damage the environment and threaten safety after the accumulation of rainwater is of great benefit to the environmental protection and improvement of the city.

The third is economic benefits. Water resources are decreasing. If rainwater is treated and used as an effective supplement to traditional water sources, it will play an important role in saving water expenditure. Of course, the rainwater collection and utilization system requires early investment, but as the reuse of rainwater is used The economic benefits brought.




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