07 Sep 2016

Application of Rainwater harvesting module

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Leiyuan underground rainwater harvesting modules for rainwater storage offers up to the largest void space of any subsurface rainwater storage unit currently on the market. The rainwater modules are lightweight, easy to assemble and install, easy to clean. The unique and stackable design allows them to manage large volumes of water. The rainwater harvesting module system has been extensively tested and demonstrates strength that exceeds current industry standards. The rainwater modular cisterns from Leiyuan are not only strong and efficient, but also protects the environment and increases developable space.

Application of Rainwater harvesting module
Detention: Typically installed with an impermeable liner to prevent infiltration, these basins are designed to provide large volume storage while restricting the discharge rate.

Infiltration: Designed to allow for water percolation into the surrounding soils, these basins recharge groundwater aquifers by relying on the porosity of the native soil.

Rainwater Harvesting: These basins utilize an impermeable liner to detain runoff and a pump to circulate the stored runoff, thereby reducing demand on the potable water supply and improving sustainability.

Flood Mitigation: By providing the necessary storage to allow for utilization of previously inaccessible land, these basins compensate for areas that lack or require additional capacity.

Bio-retention: Designed to promote water quality, these basins provide a small amount of above-ground storage, a permeable layer of amended soil, and a subsurface system for additional storage or infiltration.

As the popularize of Greening and environmental protection, modular rainwater harvesting tank can be used in a wide range of application for saving rainwater. The module from Leiyuan is eco-friendly and cost-effective, if you are plan to built a rainwater harvesting system, Leiyuan Company is here and waiting to offer best products and service for you.


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