05 May 2016

Are you looking for an Underground Rainwater Harvesting System Solution?

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Rainwater harvesting modules from Leiyuan has been used extensively throughout the world. They are made from 100% recycled materials, and are easy to install and provide a cost effective storm water management solution for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Rainwater harvesting module has high compressive strength, which means the module can be installed below high traffic areas.  They are ideal for controlling stormwater flow from car parking areas, golf courses, race courses, and sports fields/ovals, etc. The system comprises a lightweight plastic drainage and storage modules that can be easily installed to provide an ecologically sustainable unlimited rainwater storage capacity.

Key Benefits of Leiyuan Rainwater Harvesting Module:

  1. Lightweight construction allows easy transportation and installation compared to concrete and gravel systems

2. 95% void area, chemically inert material and 100% recycled material

3. Eliminates open stormwater sumps, making the surface area usable

4. Module Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are trafficable and can be installed below car parking areas.

5.Can be easily adapted to projects of any shape or size

6. Greater cubic holding capacity

7. Not affected by mould or algae

8. Supplied in flat pack form

9. Cost effective stormwater detention tanks

10. Leach drains can be easily constructed to any size for efficient discharge of water to the surrounding soil

11. Permeable surface area allows quicker percolation and soakage and infiltration.

12. Underground installation allows the surface above the tank to be utilized for car parking or landscaping

13. Module Rainwater Harvesting Tanks provide an extremely efficient, low-cost drainage system

With the more and more people prefer to use rainwater harvesting system for water storage and drainage, rainwater harvesting module is becoming popular and welcome, if you are looking for rainwater harvesting module solution, just find Leiyuan for more products information and inquiry!


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