Green roof of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Roof greening is a form of constructing green landscapes on the top of buildings through certain techniques based on the characteristics of the roof structure of the building, the load, and the ecological environmental conditions on the roof. In “Garden City” Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, a pioneer in the implementation of roof energy conservation and.. read more →

Why plant walls are so popular?

Why plant walls are so popular? From a visual point of view, the plant wall is more artistic. A plant wall work, through different colors, shapes, size combinations and different arrangement, can coordinate with the surrounding environment, present different postures, or enchanting, or unrestrained, or slim, can be called the fine art. Product. From a.. read more →

Popularization of rainwater harvesting systems

This is an urbanized world. With the increase of population and industrial water consumption, the accelerating urbanization has taken away a lot of vegetation and forests, and a piece of “cement jungle” merged from high-rise buildings has risen. Such changes have not only warmed the city, but also increased its depletion. Water resources in many.. read more →

Storage Rainwater when it rains release and use when it is sunny

Storage Rainwater when it rains, release and use when it is sunny Xiasha Park added “sponge body” Automated control sprinkler irrigation system Permeable pavement Drive into the Xiasha Riverside Avenue area, the trees are lined with trees, high and low, and it seems to have come to another big scenic spot. All the way to.. read more →

Roof planting module installation process

The roof or ground where the green planting module is to be placed is leveled, and if necessary, the bottom layer is treated with water; Start the two or two modules along the starting point, the water pipes between the modules are connected well, and the water pipes and the modules must be fastened; Place.. read more →

Drainage Sheet Installation Method for Underground Basement

Based on different water sources of roof, wall and floor of underground engineering, the combined measures of structural water proof and using drainage sheet can effectively improve the waterproof quality of underground engineering. Underground wall and floor is always in an environment that have the water leakage risk, so we need to make sure all.. read more →

New Wall Greening Planter GF50156

GS-Planter family just welcomed a new member GF50156, which is also one of the wall greening planter. Actually it is made up of 3 different size of planters. Please check its profile as follows: Small Size Planter: 115*67*145MM Middle Size Planter: 261*67*145MM Large Size Planter: 522*67*145MM And we just finished a wall greening project in.. read more →

Rainwater Collection And Utilization In Road Landscape Design

Roads are an important part of urban construction and an important foundation for urban economic development. Through roads, urban exchanges can also be achieved, and urban economic development can also be driven. Therefore, road landscape design cannot be ignored. At present, the sidewalks of municipal roads in China are basically paved with impervious materials, and.. read more →

Landscape Rainwater Collection And Utilization In Urban Residential Areas

Constructing a water storage system When constructing urban garden landscapes, artificial lakes are often built for people to watch. This artificial water system landscape can not only achieve the ornamental effect, but also become a channel for rainwater collection and drainage. Taking the Beijing Botanical Garden as an example, the designer designed three artificial lakes.. read more →

Plastic Trays — The Ideal Solution for Roof Greening

Roof greening is different from general greening on the ground and has certain special characteristics. Roof greening needs to consider the following aspects: Roof greening needs to consider the load-bearing capacity of the building roof: planting the plant on the roof of the building, the weight of the structural layer and vegetation must be within.. read more →


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