Holland Turns Over 300 Bus Stops into Green Roof Ecosystems for Bees

As the world’s bee populations continue to decline, one province in Holland is taking steps to give these pollinators new ecosystems. By transforming over 300 bus stops into green hubs, the country’s Utrecht province is innovating new solutions for how to balance the environment in an urban setting. In doing so, they’re setting a positive.. read more →

Typical structures and drainage facilities for permeable sidewalks

In recent years, urban economic construction has shown a trend of prosperity and development. Although tall buildings rise from the ground and all roads are unobstructed, waterlogging and non-point source pollution after rain have become common problems that plague many cities. As the country attaches great importance to the construction of sponge cities, various regions.. read more →

Lawn drainage method of football field

The field of the football field is large and flat. It needs to meet the needs of a long game, so the drainage of the football field is very important. So, how does the artificial turf drainage of the football field work? Many people do not understand it. Leiyuan Construction will introduce the construction method.. read more →

The drainage system of the Forbidden City is better than you think

The drainage system of the Forbidden City is better than you think At the beginning of the construction of the Forbidden City in Beijing, the drainage system was accurately measured, precisely designed, and carefully constructed. At least, the drainage system of the Forbidden City is much better than you think. The ground of the Forbidden.. read more →

Explore the German urban drainage system

In Germany, I had experienced several heavy rains, but I did not see waterlogging. The reason is related to Germany’s precautions in the process of urban construction and the importance it attaches to the drainage system. According to personal observations and access to information, the drainage system in German cities has two notable features. The.. read more →

Sky Garden breaks through ordinary imagination

Shanghai’s most “exotic” commercial body! Sky Garden breaks through ordinary imagination Do you still remember the “Babylon Sky Garden” in the foreign media report that Shanghai once flew overseas before it was completed two years ago? “Suspicious”, “magic”, “don’t consider maintenance costs”, because of the strange shape of the roof full of trees, it has.. read more →

This “hanging garden” in Yangpu Binjiang hides the unexpected beauty!

This “hanging garden” in Yangpu Binjiang hides the unexpected beauty! Yangpu District Information Office said that on the riverside trail in the district, there is an industrial-style “steel forest”-Green Hill. It used to be a tobacco company’s machine repair warehouse. Now it has been transformed into a rooftop garden. From the second floor, the terraces.. read more →

Whats is Modular wall greening?

Vertical afforest calls stereo afforest again, be to make full use of a space namely, in the place such as wall balcony windowsill roof perches to plant climbing plant, in order to increase afforest coverage rate, improve living environment With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the issue of urban land has attracted more and.. read more →

Use less glass curtain wall and more wall greening

I have read “How to have both air conditioning and environmental protection” and agree with the author’s point of view. From this I thought that cities should use less glass curtain walls and more green walls, which is equivalent to installing a large air conditioner on the buildings to reduce the city’s heat island effect… read more →

Roof greening is not limited to the beautification of roofs

Roof greening is not limited to the beautification of roofs Your newspaper ’s “Urban Rejuvenation, Do n’t Forget Roof” report launched on Monday ’s “Aiming at the Best, Contributing, Seeing Wechat, Watching Shanghai” column, really expressed my heart. When it comes to the roof, many people find it invisible and unimportant. However, as long as.. read more →


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