When the city is flooded by heavy rains, the ground problem is the key

When the city is flooded by heavy rains, the ground problem is the key, and the city’s waterlogging cannot only look at the drainage system 01 From 20 o’clock on July 19 to 20 o’clock on the 20th of this year, Zhengzhou’s single-day rainfall was as high as 552.5mm. The rainfall in the three days.. read more →

VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre

Inspired by the organic forms and natural systems of a native orchid, VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre is organized into undulating green roof ‘petals’ that float above rammed earth walls. read more →

Vertical living wall in Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Accentuating the lobby of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a 25-foot, vertical living wall that blends industrial motifs with natural elements. read more →

Examples of Living Green Roofs- Grass Turf and Succulent Sedums

Living roofs, also called green roofs,which have many economic, ecological and social benefits, are rapidly growing in sustainable, eco-friendly architecture. read more →

“Most mountainous project”- Hualien Residence

The landscaped roofs further mitigate heat gain to increase the comfort of the balconies and terraces, diminishing the energy loads for cooling. read more →

Bosco Verticale in Milan

The Vertical Forest is an architectural concept which replaces traditional materials on urban surfaces using the changing polychromy of leaves for its walls. read more →

Green Heart-Marina One

As an international role model for living and working, “Marina One” makes an innovative contribution to the discourse on mega-cities, especially in tropical regions, which, in the context of increasing population and climate change, face enormous challenges. read more →

Shanghai Binfencheng Landscape Design

Above one of Shanghai’s busiest subway stations is an urban Green Valley complex. As the most brilliant highlight of the project, the designer incorporated a trail-like landscape design park into the architectural space. And through the URBAN FARM concept that integrates the natural environment and human space, this 20,000-square-meter green valley complex “weaves” its pace into the daily lives of citizens by creating a smart roof form. read more →

Roof Greening at Nanyang Technological University

The roof greening of Nanyang Technological University combines ecological and environmental protection concepts with modern architecture, and combines architectural art with garden art, so that the green roof of the building can be integrated with nature. read more →

Eight Principles of Pavement Design

Road paving design is a basic element in landscape design. The perfect road paving should follow the following eight principles in the design process. read more →


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