Build a “roof garden” and make your life poetic!

Create a “roof garden” where you can exchange feelings with loved ones on the roof and make your life look like poetry! Otherwise, don’t do it, and do it best. Multiple functional areas are divided on the roof, and the views of the garden are arranged, and the corners and corners are fully utilized. According.. read more →

Why plant walls are so popular?

Why plant walls are so popular? From a visual point of view, the plant wall is more artistic. A plant wall work, through different colors, shapes, size combinations and different arrangement, can coordinate with the surrounding environment, present different postures, or enchanting, or unrestrained, or slim, can be called the fine art. Product. From a.. read more →

Roof planting module installation process

The roof or ground where the green planting module is to be placed is leveled, and if necessary, the bottom layer is treated with water; Start the two or two modules along the starting point, the water pipes between the modules are connected well, and the water pipes and the modules must be fastened; Place.. read more →

Rainwater Collection And Utilization In Road Landscape Design

Roads are an important part of urban construction and an important foundation for urban economic development. Through roads, urban exchanges can also be achieved, and urban economic development can also be driven. Therefore, road landscape design cannot be ignored. At present, the sidewalks of municipal roads in China are basically paved with impervious materials, and.. read more →

Landscape Rainwater Collection And Utilization In Urban Residential Areas

Constructing a water storage system When constructing urban garden landscapes, artificial lakes are often built for people to watch. This artificial water system landscape can not only achieve the ornamental effect, but also become a channel for rainwater collection and drainage. Taking the Beijing Botanical Garden as an example, the designer designed three artificial lakes.. read more →

Plastic Trays — The Ideal Solution for Roof Greening

Roof greening is different from general greening on the ground and has certain special characteristics. Roof greening needs to consider the following aspects: Roof greening needs to consider the load-bearing capacity of the building roof: planting the plant on the roof of the building, the weight of the structural layer and vegetation must be within.. read more →

How to choose high-quality manufacturer of rainwater harvesting?

With the cities implementation of rainwater harvesting, increased numbers of rainwater harvesting equipment manufacturers. It’s a great prospect development  industry, various quality rainwater harvesting devices emerged at the mean time. The market appeared normal phenomenon : Products price is high but with worse quality.  Here, would like to offer some small suggestion to help customers.. read more →

Three Ways for Utilizing Rainwater

1. Direct rainwater use RAINWATER HARVESTING is the collection, filtering and storage of rainwater from roofs, roadways, and landscape surface runoff. Roof gutters and piping direct rainwater to a storage cistern, while surface-level drains and piping collect from hard surfaces and landscapes. Large debris is removed with coarse filtration, and additional treatment such as sedimentation,.. read more →

Singapore “Sponge City”: well-regulated, strict standards

As a tropical island with abundant rainfall, Singapore’s highest annual rainfall has continued to rise in the past 30 years, but few urban locusts occurred. Every rainy season, there are several heavy rains that comes and goes every day, but no obvious water and guilt in the city. All this is due to the design.. read more →

Water Source Classification for Rainwater Harvesting System

The rainwater harvesting system collects the rainwater according to the demand and processes the collected rainwater to meet the design and use standards. At present, most of them are composed of a waste flow filtration system, a water storage system, and a purification system. Rainwater harvesting systems can be roughly divided into two categories depending.. read more →

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