How to Ensure the Green Roof Trays Has Organized Drainage System?

In the current roof greening, more and more projects use green roof trays (planting modules) in construction. The quality of the modules themselves will affect the actual completion of the project. If the water supply and drainage are not handled well, the roof will appear in heavy rain. Contaminated sewage contaminated gardens affected landscapes, planting.. read more →

Green roof modular system can renovate old building green roof easily

Green roof modular system can renovate old building green roof easily What’s the benefit of renovating the old building green roof? Environmental beautification: According to the survey, the whole city with green roof can reduce 85% of the content CO2 , which greatly eased the heat island effect. At the same time, plants can absorb.. read more →

Green Roof Crates Are Being Promoted All Around the World!

Green Roof Crates – Imagine installing green roof trays on the roof and planting green plants on it. Do you feel green and fresh? This year, our city will promote the roof greening with green roof trays, and decorating buildings. “Tray” plant selection is very drought-tolerant, Low conservation costs and even zero-cost maintenance. The density of.. read more →

Learn How to Design a Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater harvesting systems can be as simple as a rain barrel for garden irrigation at the end of a downspout, or as complex as a domestic potable system or multiple end-use systems at a large corporate campus. Basic Rule For Sizing The basic rule for sizing any rainwater harvesting system is that the volume of.. read more →

Abroad Experience on Sponge City Construction

“Sponge City” concept of building start very early, there is no shortage of outstanding examples of classic cases at home and abroad, designers make full use of rainwater resources. Maximize the function of the building, to avoid the city water logging, at the same time gave the city’s architectural layout splendor. Seoul, Korea: Improving Permeability.. read more →

Rainwater Harvesting System Airport Project

Jiangxi Shangrao Sanqingshan airport project covers an area 2243 acres, the passenger throughput about 300,000 people, 4C civil extension airport. Greening rate as high as 42%, the future of rainwater harvesting management and utilization of green space construction area takes 1000m3. Time:April, 2016 Quantity:1000CBM Module Quantity: 5000pcs Material:PP Void ratio: 90%-95% Water Storage Volume: 110L.. read more →

GSGRID Keeps Livestock Away from the Muddy Problem

Many customers come and complaint about the muddy problems since many heavily trafficked place like paddock, gated areas, feeding areas are often cause muddy problem constantly. The mud problem is caused by the constant compaction of the ground, eliminating all drainage capability. When the heavily used areas become muddy, and it usually doesn’t take much.. read more →

The Main Accessories Materials for Greening Construction

From 2008, Leiyuan company has been mainly engaged in the production of plastic greening materials. The products we manufacture are: grass grid, rainwater harvesting module, hydronic floor heating module, drainage cell, drain cover, vertical greening container, roof greening plant container etc. As you may know most of the projects usually needs many accessories especially the geotextiles.. read more →

Application of Rainwater harvesting module

Leiyuan underground rainwater harvesting modules for rainwater storage offers up to the largest void space of any subsurface rainwater storage unit currently on the market. The rainwater modules are lightweight, easy to assemble and install, easy to clean. The unique and stackable design allows them to manage large volumes of water. The rainwater harvesting module system has.. read more →

Build An Excellent Gravel Stabilizing System

Plastic gravel grid from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited is a stabilized gravel system with honeycomb cell and interlocking connection. Once This system is filled with gravel, it is ideal for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Besides that it is high strength, durable, eco-friendly, cost less than other materials, such as asphalt, concrete or block pavers. Leiyuan gravel stabilization.. read more →

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