Leiyuan Purchase New Injection Molding Machine for Rainwater Harvesting Module Production

Recently Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited purchased a large scale equipment- injection molding machine for rainwater harvesting modular production. This kind of machine can made the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics material into various shapes of plastic products by using plastic molding mold. The clampling force of the new machine can even reach 8500KN. The large scale.. read more →

Best Ground reinforcement Product from Leiyuan

Plastic gravel grid LY950 from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited is a ground reinforcement product made from high density polyethylene materials. It is the solution for horse paddocks, equestrian, car parks, pedestrian and cycle paths, picnic areas, golf courses, parks, fire lanes, event areas etc. Gravel grid LY950 is an environmentally friendly alternative for use in driveways, airfield.. read more →

Rainwater Collection System Can be Safer and Effective

If the area you living now gets heavy or frequent rains, while you are not already taking advantage of all the clean and free water falling from the sky, then you are missing out on several beneficial opportunities. For one reason, using a rainwater collection system can save you money on your monthly utilities. Secondly,.. read more →

Why Is Drainage Board Useful for Your Life?

DESCRIPTION: Green roof systems of this type are drained by waffled plastic sheets called “drainage plates”. Water is retained within pockets on the upper sides of the drainage plates; excess water spills over the edges of the plates and is carried off the roof. The plastic storage and drainage plates are made from HDPE(high-density polyethylene),.. read more →

World Like A Racecourse That Needs China As A Ground Grids

A qualified racecourse needs solid ground grid to support. World like a racetrack that needs China as a durable ground reinforcement grids. On November 20, President of the China Minsheng Bank Institute Huang Jianhui attending the eleventh annual meeting of China’s securities market, then he forecast that “China’s per capita GDP 2013 there were only.. read more →

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Can Let You Making Use Of Free Water

Nowadays with all kinds of environmental problem, people has realize that we need to make more efficient use of every resources in the world. And harvesting rainwater is a reasonable option for solving some water related issues in both outdoor and industrial scale. They can be widely used in homes, farms, public construction and buildings.. read more →

Soil Stabilization Grid Is Best Choice for Muddy Paddock Solutions

Horse riding soil stabilization grid designed by Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited is made of extremely durable and high-quality plastics, it is environmentally friendly and can offer the highest degree of riding comfort while treating the tendons and joints of your horses particularly gently. Horse riding grid prevents the intermingling of the surface with the subsoil… read more →

Why Green Roof Is An Excellent Investment?

Global warming and pollution is now the hottest topic on the news all over the world. People has more and more focus on these problem. it is so important that everyone need to do effort to contribute to making the world a cleaner place. One of the best solutions is to to use ecologically friendly.. read more →

Plastic Landscaping Artificial Grass In Europe

The artificial turf grass industry has been widely apply across in every place on the world throughout the years. And now Europe has utilized artificial grass for many purposes like like football and rugby with large sports industries development. From Germany and the UK, to different parts of the Netherlands, artificial lawn grass is becoming.. read more →

Why Artificial Turf Grass Is Eco Green?

Water Conservation Artificial turf grass do not need water to keep lush, green, and beautiful for very year. This water savings advantage means a lot of things to whose who decide to use artificial turf in their landscaping decoration. Firstly, it saves money on water bills. Watering lawns requires a large percentage of residential water.. read more →

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