20 Jul 2016

Collect Rainwater, Today with Ancient

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With the development of human society, the phenomenon of over-exploitation of resources is serious, now faced with the lack of resources and other issues. Where lack of water is particularly serious. But with the improvement of technological level, people are aware of the importance of resources recycling, rainwater recycling system. In fact, thousands of years ago people already have the concept of rain water, and whenever the rain, people will put their own water tanks and other containers for the court, stored rainwater.

Pitched roof storage: simple and economical. The rainwater can be lead into drainage channels and pipes by pre-prepared storm water bucket if you have a little slope of roof top.

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Dam: Dams built in streams intercept the water. The trees around the dam can reduce the water evaporation, and plant some grass in the stream can clean the water.

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Percolation tanks: tanks in the sand or build small stone on the ground, used to store rainwater. Some take out to use, while others penetrate the ground, and replenish the water table wells.

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Shaft: Shaft construction on the hillside to collect rainwater. Under the action of gravity, to the low water flow, stored in underground wells.

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Underground storage tanks & Integrated water tank: Tank built in the underground water is collected, stored up for urban residents. Collect rainwater drainage channels, and gradually flows into the lower tank group.

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Rainwater collection system is not only able to collect rainwater, purification, filtration and storage utilization, and the primary material is inside the desert aeolian sand, this material is pollution-free, pollution-free, environmentally friendly energy but also can effectively purify water.

The main function is to collect rainwater collection system to filter rainwater, purification, storage, not only can ease the flooding, water collected can also be utilized, such as vegetation irrigation, car washing, and even further to achieve the standards for drinking water and the like.

Currently the primary use for harvested rainwater is landscape irrigation. Other exterior uses include filling swimming pools, washing cars or outdoor furniture and structures. In most other countries and some parts of the United States, rain water is used indoors for toilet flush, dish washing, bathing and other non-potable uses. Some counties also allow potable uses once specific sanitization requirements are met. In much of the rest of the world it is common to use harvested rain water for all needs. Some surrounding counties either do not have regulations or allow for expanded use of rain water. Check with your local code authorities for guidance.

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