Roof Greening Improves Urban Environment

Roof greening can increase the area of urban green space, improve the urban heat island effect caused by excessive felling of trees and various exhaust gas pollution, reduce the hazards to humans such as sandstorms, open up human green space, build garden cities, improve people’s living conditions, and It is extremely important to beautify the urban environment and improve the urban environment. read more →

Shanghai Binfencheng Landscape Design

Above one of Shanghai’s busiest subway stations is an urban Green Valley complex. As the most brilliant highlight of the project, the designer incorporated a trail-like landscape design park into the architectural space. And through the URBAN FARM concept that integrates the natural environment and human space, this 20,000-square-meter green valley complex “weaves” its pace into the daily lives of citizens by creating a smart roof form. read more →

Roof Greening at Nanyang Technological University

The roof greening of Nanyang Technological University combines ecological and environmental protection concepts with modern architecture, and combines architectural art with garden art, so that the green roof of the building can be integrated with nature. read more →

Eight Principles of Pavement Design

Road paving design is a basic element in landscape design. The perfect road paving should follow the following eight principles in the design process. read more →

Spectacular Green Roofs Around the World

Green roofs are sprouting up more and more on buildings around the world, from private residences and schools to cultural institutions and businesses. Made with hardy varieties of succulents, grasses, wildflowers, and herbs atop several structural layers—including a waterproof membrane and levels for drainage, insulation, and filtering—these self-sustaining living architectural features can bring natural beauty to urban buildings or connect rural structures to their surrounding landscapes. read more →

Ramathibodi healing garden

Ramathibodi healing garden on the green roof is located on the 10th floor of The Somdech Phra Debaratana Medical Centre.Here the idea of green public space is not only for recreation but also act as the urban green infrastructure that also involves the enhancement of public health in the society. read more →

Holland Turns Over 300 Bus Stops into Green Roof Ecosystems for Bees

As the world’s bee populations continue to decline, one province in Holland is taking steps to give these pollinators new ecosystems. By transforming over 300 bus stops into green hubs, the country’s Utrecht province is innovating new solutions for how to balance the environment in an urban setting. In doing so, they’re setting a positive.. read more →

Typical structures and drainage facilities for permeable sidewalks

In recent years, urban economic construction has shown a trend of prosperity and development. Although tall buildings rise from the ground and all roads are unobstructed, waterlogging and non-point source pollution after rain have become common problems that plague many cities. As the country attaches great importance to the construction of sponge cities, various regions.. read more →

Lawn drainage method of football field

The field of the football field is large and flat. It needs to meet the needs of a long game, so the drainage of the football field is very important. So, how does the artificial turf drainage of the football field work? Many people do not understand it. Leiyuan Construction will introduce the construction method.. read more →

The drainage system of the Forbidden City is better than you think

The drainage system of the Forbidden City is better than you think At the beginning of the construction of the Forbidden City in Beijing, the drainage system was accurately measured, precisely designed, and carefully constructed. At least, the drainage system of the Forbidden City is much better than you think. The ground of the Forbidden.. read more →


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