Green roof modular system can renovate old building green roof easily

Green roof modular system can renovate old building green roof easily What’s the benefit of renovating the old building green roof? Environmental beautification: According to the survey, the whole city with green roof can reduce 85% of the content CO2 , which greatly eased the heat island effect. At the same time, plants can absorb.. read more →

Green Roof Crates Are Being Promoted All Around the World!

Green Roof Crates – Imagine installing green roof trays on the roof and planting green plants on it. Do you feel green and fresh? This year, our city will promote the roof greening with green roof trays, and decorating buildings. “Tray” plant selection is very drought-tolerant, Low conservation costs and even zero-cost maintenance. The density of.. read more →

Rooftop Plant Tray Project — Xiamen Xiangan Xiandian Primary School

Rooftop Plant Tray Project — Xiamen Xiangan Xiandian Primary School Site: No. 271,Xinxing Street, Xiandian Town, Xiangan District, Xiamen Item No.: GS-5012 Size: 500X500X12mm Area: 5000sqm Xiamen Xiangan Xiandian primary school was founded in 1952, the school now has 27 classes, 946 students, and 80 faculty.The occupied area is 26,236 sqm with coverage area is.. read more →

Plants Can Live Without Watering with the Green Roof Trays

Plants Can Live Without Watering with the Green Roof Trays Imagine planting green plants in green roof trays and put it on the roof, isn’t it fresh and green? More and more countries will promote the roof greening work with the green roof trays to dress up buildings. Select the very drought-tolerant plants to grow.. read more →

Learn How to Design a Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater harvesting systems can be as simple as a rain barrel for garden irrigation at the end of a downspout, or as complex as a domestic potable system or multiple end-use systems at a large corporate campus. Basic Rule For Sizing The basic rule for sizing any rainwater harvesting system is that the volume of.. read more →

Waterlogging Caused by Destroying the Ecosystem

Why urban waterlogging disasters caused by the heavy rainfall increased? The root cause is rapid urban development and construction. It has adapted numerous rigid materials for pavement during the development process. Fields and woods turned into roads and roofs that altered the terrestrial plumbing. Beyond that, damming, requisition of forestland, filling the lakes, adding cover.. read more →

Happy Chinese New Year! (Holiday Notice of Spring Festival)

We’re 100% Support! — 2018 Happy Spring Festival — Dear Friends, Chinese traditional Spring Festival for 2018 is coming soon! We would like to thank you for your FRUITFUL collaboration during 2017! All the staff of our Team wish you a Happy Spring Festival and good luck in the year of the Dog! The barking.. read more →

Why should we use paddock grid & How can we fix paddock footing with it?

A common problem during the fall and winter months, muddy footing in horse turnout areas not only increases the difficulty of daily barn chores and grooming routines for owners, but creates a living environment for your horse that is neither safe nor healthy. As well as providing an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.. read more →

Case Show of Green Roof System

Green roof system not only protect the building and add features to the city environment, but it also helps to manage the rain and create a diverse habitat for plants, wildlife and people. Roof garden helps city to cool environment, improve air quality and provide a biodiverse habitat. They manage rainwater, cut off buildings and.. read more →

The seepage control materials used in rainwater recycling

Anti-seepage measures are indispensable measures for rainwater collection and recycling. Here will introduce the seepage control materials used in rainwater recycling. 1. Geotextiles is synthetic material made from synthetic fibers through acupuncture or weaving. It has excellent filtration, isolation and reinforcing protection, high tensile strength, good permeability, high temperature resistance, anti-freezing, aging resistance and corrosion.. read more →


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