Richard Heini -USA Rainwater Harvesting & Utilization Expert ever said “ all water is rain”, and every raindrop has its value. So have you ever thought that what can we do to reuse the rainwater? It is actually related with the rainwater harvesting system, and you can know its process easily from the following picture… read more →

Does Rainwater Harvesting only work in areas with plenty rainfall?

When it is snowing heavily outside, there is such beautiful scenery, a silent night for sweet dreams. When you get up in the morning, here comes the sun and you’re thinking about: Well, it is a great day for shopping or going outside to have some fresh air. So you go downstairs, getting yourself dressed.. read more →

Facing persistent rain, what can we do? ——Try Channel Drain

As AccuWeather reported at April 25th, 2017 several days of heavy rain have resulted in dangerous flash flooding across the Carolinas this week, resulting in road closures, water rescues and rising river level. Facing so persistent heavy rain, what can we do to avoid such passive situation?Is there anything we can do to prepare for.. read more →

Leiyuan Grass Grid Helps You Build a Green Parking Lot

With global climate warming, environmental issues aroused our attention. People began to consciously looking for a green material to build their own parking lot. They tried to park the car on the grass, but soon found that the parking lot would have a muddy mess. So that the grass grid appears in our sight. Grass gridis.. read more →

Do you know how much roof rainwater can I harvest?

The answer to this question depend on a number of variables. Including the size of your catchment surface,the annual rainfall amount and regularity for your area,and the efficiency of your rain water harvesting system.Briefly,a good rule of thumb for water harvest is 0.5 gallon of water for every square foot of catchment surface per 1’’.. read more →

Vertical Greening Plant Container

Vertical greening planting container, adopts ABS glass fiber reinforced engineering plastic with one-time injection molding. With features of high intensity, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, non-deformation, etc., the artistic and unique design philosophy makes it has easy and convenient, flexible and diverse composite mode. It can be formed into cylinder-shape, pyramid, inverted cone, waist-full form and slotted, etc… read more →

Abroad Experience on Sponge City Construction

“Sponge City” concept of building start very early, there is no shortage of outstanding examples of classic cases at home and abroad, designers make full use of rainwater resources. Maximize the function of the building, to avoid the city water logging, at the same time gave the city’s architectural layout splendor. Seoul, Korea: Improving Permeability.. read more →

Rainwater Collecting System Applications

Rainwater collection is mainly used in the following areas: 1. Rainwater collection. It’s through the modular water storage tank to collect the rainwater resources used to flush toilets, pouring the road, watering the lawn, waterscape replenishment, and even for circulating cooling water and fire water. Can alleviate the current situation of urban water shortage, is.. read more →

Three methods of Rainwater Collection

Rainwater collection and utilization is an important means to realize rainwater resource utilization, save water, conserve groundwater, reduce non-point source pollution, reduce urban flood and drainage system pressure, improve and repair urban water environment. With the rapid development of economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the shortage of fresh water resources is more prominent, rainwater.. read more →

Do you battle with managing mud on your horse farm?

When you couldn’t wait for winter and all it entails to end, now you’re battling a different foe than ice and snow: mud. Whether ankle deep or axle-deep, mud is a pain when trying to dump wheelbarrows, turn horses out or just complete basic farm chores. Not only is mud an unsightly mess that’s difficult.. read more →


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