08 Jun 2016

Comparison between Concrete Base and Leiyuan Horse Paddock Grid

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Do you know what the traditional method of building horse walkers in the world is? If you are an equestrian export or farm owner, you must know that the answer is using an impermeable concrete base. But now there is another popular and sustainable ground reinforcement solution, which is using Leiyuan horse paddock grid.

As you may know, using a traditional concrete base as horse walker surface will directly impacts surface water run-off since rainwater has nowhere to drain into the ground. This can result in overflowing gutters and flooding. But don’t worry, using Leiyuan horse paddock grid can solve this problem and allow the water to be absorbed into the ground naturally.

Preparing and laying concrete is labour intensive and takes a considerable time, not to mention the costs involved. It also has a meagre life expectancy of 15years. In contrast, Leiyuan horse paddock grid is easy and simple to install thanks to the unique interlocking system, with roughly 100 square meters per hour possible even for a novice. Leiyuan also has a guarantee of 20years, with expectancy expected to be 30years at minimum.

Hard, solid surfaces like concrete can be detrimental to a horse’s health and damage their hooves. Using Leiyuan horse stable grid ensures a more forgiving, elastic type surface which provides freer movement for the horses and prevents wearing down of the metal within horseshoes.

Leiyuan horse paddock grid can be adapted for many different equestrian applications, such as walkers, paddocks, wash down areas, competitive arenas etc. So don’t be a ‘neigh’-sayer, just contact us for more details.



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