09 May 2017

Does Rainwater Harvesting only work in areas with plenty rainfall?

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When it is snowing heavily outside, there is such beautiful scenery, a silent night for sweet dreams. When you get up in the morning, here comes the sun and you’re thinking about: Well, it is a great day for shopping or going outside to have some fresh air. So you go downstairs, getting yourself dressed up, making everything ready for hanging out. Right after you open the door, there are fresh air, snowball fights and snow-capped ground waiting for you. Everything is fine, except the snow cover, it was so thick that just below your knees and also the road you’re going to drive through. Now what will we do next? Normally we use a shovel to clean up the snow or giving up our plan ultimately. Or we can pour some salt and wait for thawing of snow. But we will have to drive through a muddy road. Whatever the plan, it will not be a perfect day.

What if we could make snow melt away itself? And even without cleaning it up by labor? It is not impossible. Actually, we can make it come true by using products of greening solution. A system that consisted by heating functioned upper and rainwater harvesting module would work well under such a situation.
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Heating system help to thaw the snow in a short time, and after that, melt water being released into rainwater harvesting module, as a result, our drive way or walk way will get back to normal in seconds. The principle of this system is simple, but bringing tremendous benefits for us.
– Saving manpower and material resource
– Snow water recycle
– Avoid accident
– Etc…

After our roads have been installed this system, maintenance of road can be simplified. And those collected snow water can be used as domestic water after some simple treatment or used as irrigation water for other seasons. Melting the snow can stop the wheels from slipping greatly, especially after heavy snow.

All in all, the answer of my question is no, rainwater harvesting module also called soakaway tank, rainwater collection is one of its function, but also can be used in many ways to improve our life quality.


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