17 Aug 2019

Drainage Sheet Installation Method for Underground Basement

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Based on different water sources of roof, wall and floor of underground engineering, the combined measures of structural water proof and using drainage sheet can effectively improve the waterproof quality of underground engineering. Underground wall and floor is always in an environment that have the water leakage risk, so we need to make sure all underground water can be drained to the designed area, so as to reach the target of forever water proof and reduce the maintenance cost.

Drainage Sheet Installation Method for Underground Basement

The installation method:

  1. the construction base surface should be solid and smooth, which can not have crisp, sand, warping and convex, potholes, surmounted.
  2. Plastic drainage sheet shall be overlapped with each other on the flat structural bottom plate, and the structural bottom plate surface is unnecessary to have slope making.
  3. drainage plate is laid with lap joint method, overlap at least 2 fulcrum
  4. Fill the fulcrum of the plastic drainage plate with c20 fine stone concrete, which require 1~2cm higher than the drainage sheet
  5. After the concrete strength reaches above 70%, placing the steel and pull the concrete thickness 100. Then divide the gaps, drainage ditches and water collecting Wells .

Drainage Sheet Installation Method for Underground Basement


  1. Drainage sheet must be laid flat on the structure bottom flatly.
  2. During the construction of the drainage sheet, people can walk on the drainage sheet. When pushing the cart on the drainage sheet, boards must be laid first to avoid the direct friction between the wheel and the drainage sheet from damaging the drainage plate.
  3. After pouring concrete on the drainage sheet, before the concrete is dry, personnel should avoid trampling on the upper part to avoid the swelling of the drainage sheet.


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