31 May 2017

Five reasons to choose GS Paddock Grid

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GSGRID’s eco-friendly ground reinforcement solutions are leading in the market, our grid has many uses, not only horse riding Arenas, but also used for parking lot, driveways, pathways, fire emergency lane and lots more all over the globe.

Here are 5 reasons to choose GSGRID.

1. Low-carbon, environmental protection and recyclable
GS Horse Paddock Grid is made of 100% recyclable plastic material—HDPE(high-density polyethylene), after installed and filled, have no effect to environment.

2. One hammer, installation done!
Improved edition inter-locking system, just snap together and the connection will keep them safe and rescue, one skilled worker can install 400 square meters per day!

3. Lightweight but heavy bearing capacity
Only 0.68kg per piece, but with 250ton/sqm, ensures a high degree of safety in the application area.


4.GSGRID make ground safe and reliable
The uneven ground make the horse easily fall, the rider and horse would get injured; if it rains, horse’s hoof will be dirty.
After using GS Paddock Grids, makes ground flat and clean, will give you unforgettable experience.

5. Later maintenance
Our grid can reach the service life for more than 10 years, after installation, do not need any maintenance.It will be a long-term solution.


As a leader of green solution on landscaping, production experience for over 15 years, we are here to provide All-round service for you.More products information please visit www.greening-solution.com.



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