29 Nov 2017

Four Systems Achievement Green Building Rainwater Recycling Application

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With the improvement of human living standards, people’s living environment requirements are also getting higher and higher, and the harmonious coexistence of people and the social environment has become the hottest topic today. Green building also become a hot topic.
How green buildings make rain obediently obedient and never let us watch the sea in the city. This article will explain the “four systems” formed by today’s most popular rainwater harvesting and recycling technologies.

1. Rainwater Infiltration System
When the amount of rainwater is too large to cause urban waterlogging, it is best to let the rainwater infiltrate the underground naturally. Therefore, rainwater infiltration system is used to supplement the underground aquifer to prevent the downstream floods caused by discharge of heavy rain. This system can be composed of infiltration tank.

2. Rainwater Retention System
Rainwater retention system is a storage box, also called buffer space. In the event of heavy rains, the rainwater will be stored in the system and then discharged from the designated outlet, it also can prevent urban waterlogging. This system is more suitable for building landscaping areas, lanes and other areas.
infiltration tank, rainwater harvesting modules, Underground water tank
3. Rainwater Harvesting System
In many small residential areas, the rainwater harvesting system is better for saving water. Water saving up to 40%. This system can be composed of rainwater harvesting modules. Set aside suitable land space and build rainwater harvesting system, which can be used for car washing and vegetation greening of residential people.

infiltration tank, rainwater harvesting modules, Underground water tank

4. Rainwater Recycling system
Rainwater recycling system is related to people’s living water, so they need to go through the water treatment process. The system uses a wide range of rainwater, grass irrigation, landscape fountains, flushing, laundry, air conditioning cooling water supplement, and even drinking water.
infiltration tank, rainwater harvesting modules, Underground water tank
Underground water tank from Leiyuan can be use in these four systems with functions of rainwater infiltration, detention and attenuation and has high void ratio and high loading capacity.

infiltration tank, rainwater harvesting modules, Underground water tank

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