10 Nov 2014

Functions of Polluted Rainwater Abandoned Device On The Rainwater Tanks

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OCT 9, 2014-China-At ordinary times when there is no rain, the roof of your house will cover more dust, sands or the leaves. At the beginning stage of the rain, the rain water pollution is very high and this sort of rainwater should be generally discharged and then the rainwater collection by the rainwater tanks should be normally done. The water discharging of this stage should meet with two factors which are effectively and automatically. The rainwater tanks from Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd own the mechanical polluted rain water discharging and the automatically related device and people should be not worry the polluted rainwater discharging.

The polluted rain water discharging device of the Rainwater harvesting tanks is achieved by the rain water flow in the main pipe. On the other hand, the pipe for discharging the polluted rainwater is always in the opening situation. When the rainwater flowing volume is increased in the future, the discharging device will be automatically closed. The device will be opened again after the rain stop. The mechanical devices for polluted rainwater do not need any electricity power and it has fully used the natural flow of rain to rain flow. At the same time, the internal stainless steel lever of this device can adjust the size of the abandoned flowing based on different flow demand.

On the other hand, there is also another device of the rainwater tanks that could achieve the polluted water eliminating. This device is the polluted water storage device. The principle of this device is to collect the polluted water. The polluted water will be automatically discharged after the rain stopping and then the device will be reset. The characteristics of this device are that it will be not affected by rainfall and rainfall time and can effectively abandoned the polluted rainwater of every rainfall. Furthermore, it could be suitable for different types of roofs.

Overall speaking, the above two sorts of device could all complete abandon of polluted rain flow at very effectively situation. At the same time, it could also realize the nature of the sewage discharge. The can be widely used in the polluted rain discharging at the initially stage of each time of rainfall.

If people choose the rainwater tanks from Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd, they could totally set their mind at rest as their rainwater tanks have very high effectively polluted water abandoned devices.

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