18 May 2018

Green Roof Crates Are Being Promoted All Around the World!

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Green Roof Crates – Imagine installing green roof trays on the roof and planting green plants on it. Do you feel green and fresh? This year, our city will promote the roof greening with green roof trays, and decorating buildings.

“Tray” plant selection is very drought-tolerant, Low conservation costs and even zero-cost maintenance.

Green Roof Crates Are Being Promoted All Around the World!

The density of buildings in the downtown area of our city is high. It is difficult to grow large amount of green trees. However, the roof greening can skillfully give the residents a touch of green. The new residential areas and office buildings have already done a roof greening model and played an exemplary role.

It is known that these buildings using the Green roof crates. The project uses assembled “trays” that are lightweight and reduce the load on the roof. The plants used in the “trays” are particularly drought-tolerant. Basically, they do not need to be watered, they can survive on rainwater, and do not need to be pruned. We can say low-cost conservation is even zero-cost maintenance. “Tray” green plants are green like turf. If they are laid on a large area on the roof, they will greatly enhance the landscape effect.

In fact, greening containers, such as green roof trays, not only has a beautifying effect, but also has ecological benefits. Greening can release oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, reduce dust, reduce noise, heat insulation, and reduce the urban heat island effect. In addition, the water storage rate of this greening method can reach 43%, which meets the requirements of the sponge city and reduces surface runoff. Citizens do not have to worry about water accumulation on the roof, nor will they breed mosquitoes and flies.

Green Roof Crates Are Being Promoted All Around the World!

In addition, the container roof greenery can be converted into a certain rate of green space. For example, the old street is usually very narrow, which is unable to have more greening on the road.  it is possible to increase the rate of green space through roof greening.


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