10 Mar 2014

Green Roof Systems With Drainage Plates.

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Drainage plates is a type of Green Roof Systems which are drained by waffled plastic sheets. Water is retained within pockets on the upper sides of the drainage plates; excess water spills over the edges of the plates and is carried off the roof.

Since drainage plates are lightweight and easy to install, they have become the most popular drainage system for green roofs. Drainage plates are recommended for roofs with slopes less than 1:12.

A synthetic protection/water-storage fabric weighing 500g/m2 (15 oz/yd2) is applied over the waterproofing or root-barrier membrane. Drainage plates are laid over the fabric with the joints staggered. Three thicknesses of drainage plates are available to meet the drainage and water storage requirements of almost any green roof: 25mm (1” thickness) is standard for thin extensive roofs, 40mm (1.5”) is recommended for enhanced water storage and drainage on thicker extensive roofs and semi-intensive roofs, and 60mm (2.5”) is available for maximum water retention on intensive roofs. A 200g/m2 (6 oz/yd2) separation fabric is applied over the drainage plates and soil is spread over the fabric.

Leiyuan Greening Solution now supply standard size 25mm thickness drainage plates for customers from more than 60 countries, we also provide non-woven fabric and root barrier  with variety thickness for your choice. If you have interests, pls feel free to contact us!


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