How To Make A Roof Garden?

How to make a roof garden?

With urban sprawl impacting even the communities that were once called small towns, pressure continues to remove green spaces to accommodate growth. If you happen to live in an apartment complex or a high rise condo development, you can probably relate to the need for something that represents a park-like setting somewhere in the middle of the concrete jungle that surrounds your home. Well, you are not alone and the simple solution for many is a roof garden.

How To Make A Roof Garden?

The Different Roof Garden Methods

There are three common methods of constructing a roof garden. They include a container garden or terrace, a series of raised beds that are either made or wood or concrete to grow plants or the conversion of the complete roof or a section of it into a vegetation ground resembling a garden. The latter of those methods is what we will focus on in this article and will refer to it as a vegetated roof. But how do you build such a project? There are two ways, the traditional method and the new green roof tray method.


This is the most complicated and time consuming of the two ways to build a roof garden but it continues to be one of the most popular methods. It involves what is known as a multi player system. The multi player system requires vegetation, a growing medium, drainage, aeration, water storage and a root barrier. Other requirements include insulation, membrane protection, a roofing membrane and structural support. Although this is considered to be an effective way to build a roof garden, it also contains many inconveniences related to the many elements required.

Green Roof Tray System

This is a new, contemporary approach to the roof garden that utilizes a number of small sized garden planters that can be put together to create a hydropack green roof. Compared to the traditional method, green roof trays are easy to assemble, they provide long lasting service, are convenient when daily maintenance is required and do not need a multi player system. That is because with a small pedestal underneath each unit, the individual planters are in an aerial state which promotes ventilation, drainage and temperature control. Plus, green roof trays will save you time, money and labor.

How To Make A Roof Garden?

How The Green Roof Trays Work

They are fast and easy to assemble and require no tools to do so. Each of the raised garden planters can be pieced together to any size you need from a window box to a small terrace garden right on up to covering part of or an entire roof. They are also great to use to build a garden in your yard if you do not have a green space or cannot use existing land as a garden. And because the green roof trays can be put together quickly, you can have your garden space laid out in minutes.

What makes the green roof trays so amazing is that they have a special design. They contain a criss cross water slot and filtration system that permits each box to balance the levels between drought and high water. Plus, the trays are constructed from UV-protected polyethylene. This makes them strong and durable. They will sit in the sun and heat but will not crack, peel or rot. This is important to note as a cracked garden box can develop a leak which will lead to problems over time. The green roof tray system will not leak which makes them perfect for use on a balcony or roof.


Benefits Of A Roof Garden

There are several benefits to having a roof garden. Here is a look at a few of them.

Increase Property Value

A roof garden is considered a valuable asset to any property. Since most roof gardens are constructed on otherwise unusable space, it enhances the structure and will add value to the worth of the property it is part of. Depending on location, a roof garden can add 10 to 15% more value to your property.

Increase Roof Life

The creation of a roof garden is good for the roof it sits on. That is because a roof garden basically provides a protective layer over top of an existing roofing material. As a result, the average roof fabric lifespan can be increased by up to 200% with a garden on it.

Tax Credit

Depending on the city you live in, your roof garden may actually earn you a property tax credit. Whether as an incentive from your local municipality or state/federal government, roof gardens introduce some green space to areas that did not have them before and government agencies are rewarding those who implement them.

Provides Insulating Benefits

Buildings that have roof gardens have extra insulation as a result. There is typically 30% less heat lost in the winter, the buildings stay cooler in the summer and there is also sound insulation that results from a roof garden.

Storm Water Retention

Runoff is reduced dramatically with roof gardens as they will absorb up to 75% of rainfall. Depending on the actual design of the roof garden, storm water runoff can drop by 50 to 90%.

Provide Social Space

Because roof gardens expand the amount of useful space, they assist in creating social areas on both roofs and grounds where they are constructed. As a result, roof gardens provide added enjoyment and relaxation in places where that was not possible without one.

How To Make A Roof Garden?

Are You Convinced Yet?

By now you have come to realize that a roof garden is a value addition to your home or building. You could construct one using the traditional method but why would you when you have the option of the easy-to-use green roof tray system? Either way, when you build a vegetated roof, you are doing something great visually as well as contributing something good for the environment. Plus, when you can grow vegetables, herbs and more on your own, you save money from having to go to the supermarket for the same products.

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