02 Jul 2014

Green roofs prospects and market research

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Green roofs can be broadly understood as all kinds of ancient and modern buildings, structures, surrounded the city, the bridge (overpass) and other roof terrace, carried on the roof garden, balcony or large artificial rockery mountain, planting trees and flowers collectively. Green roofs of increasing urban green space, to improve the deteriorating environment for human survival space; various exhaust improve deforestation of natural forests,; improve urban high-rise buildings, many hard to improve road pavement and replace the current situation of natural land and plants and the formation of urban heat island effect of pollution, dust storms and other hazards to humans; pioneering human green space, build a garden city, to improve the living conditions of the people and improve the quality of life, as well as beautify the urban environment, improve the ecological effect has a very important significance.

Now, many cities in U.S. have begun to follow the practice in Chicago to promote green roofs. Some large companies such as McDonald’s and Apple, etc. are also added to the construction of the roof garden, many small businesses want to have beautiful green roof garden. As more and more countries and cities recognize the benefits of green roofs, the “green roof” in the international arena has been more and more attention, people greening “steel” and “cement” increasingly strong desire building. Currently, the “green roof” has become a hot topic of global trends and construction. Many countries have adopted to promote green roofs, construction of the “breathing roof”, to build an ecological city. Japan’s three-dimensional green, greening and vertical greening air forefront of the world, government regulations over a certain area of the building, the owner must be green roofs, and to enforce it as a decree. Such as Tokyo, where the new building covers an area of over 1,000 square meters, the roof must have 20% of green cover, or to be fined; Germany take the form of government subsidies for the Government and the owners jointly funded green roof; UK London to host the 2012 Olympic Games as an opportunity, through the construction of a “green roof” to create “green urban areas”; Geneva, Switzerland, seven percent of the food from the roof planting; Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2025 as the green roof to become “carbon neutral” city part of an overall strategy, requires that all roof slope roofs of new buildings less than 30 degrees should be green; Toronto, Canada, in May 2009 passed a statute requiring more than six-storey residential, schools, non-profit housing, commercial industrial buildings and green roof coverage to reach 50%, and the establishment of a financial incentive system; there are some countries specially formulated regulations to encourage private green roof.

From 2008, Quanzhou Mingjing Plastic Products Co., Ltd. cooperative invested by Quanzhou Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and production of plastic gardening materials. Now the company covers a factory area of more than eight thousand square meters. With advanced equipments and more than one hundred sets of instrument, we are able to produce the high quality products for city greening, landscape construction, etc. Simple design, easy installation, high quality and reasonable price make our products favored by customers from domestic and overseas.

Main Products: drainage cell, grass grid, drain cover, vertical greening container, roof greening plant container, root barrier, waterproof material etc.

Certificate: CE Certificate, ISO9001: 2008 Certificate
Warranty: durability of at least 8 years in natural ground of 4 < PH < 9
Main Market: South and East Asia, Oceania, Europe,North America


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