25 Nov 2016

GSTANK Let Every Raindrop Play Its Value

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Water is an extremely important and special natural resource for human survival and production activities. However, serious water crisis, water shortage and water pollution constitute the water crisis has become world’s ecological environment construction and urban development constraints.

The city rainwater utilization is realized through a systematic process, which includes six main steps: rainwater harvesting, rainwater filtration, rainwater dumping, rainwater storage, rainwater purification and rainwater utilization.

In urban construction, paying attention to the development of rainwater collection and utilization projects, saving and using the original rainwater drainage, both can not only increase water resources, but also a good measure to save water. At the same time, due to rainwater collection and utilization of the extensive development, as rainwater is retained or retreated underground, reducing the displacement and reduce the threat of urban floods, so groundwater to cover, the water environment can be improved, the ecological environment can be repaired. It can be said that rainwater collection and utilization is one of the important measures for the sustainable utilization of urban water resources.

Due to the rapid development of urbanization, roads, gardens, landscape, urban residential quarters, large buildings and other impermeable area of the expansion. So the rain will not be able to infiltrate into the ground to supplement groundwater, coupled with the extensive use of groundwater, so that the surrounding urban water environment and ecological deterioration; the other hand, when it rains, the rain had no time to infiltration, if there is no pipe drainage system rapid emissions, the city will face waterlogging, so when the rain comes, it is the time that the sponge city body to play a role.

In the urban construction, the development of rainwater collection and utilization projects is the treatment of “urban disease” recipe as below: ① conservation of groundwater, supplemented by the lack of groundwater. ② purified water. ③ improve the micro-climate. It can be said that rainwater collection and utilization is one of the important measures for the sustainable utilization of urban water resources.

Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited can provide rainwater harvesting planning and design according to the rainwater collection area of customers and suggest the best GSTANK modular soakaway cells for project application. It can help customers to economically use water more economically, unfortunately and rationally, so as to save water and let every raindrop play its value.


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