07 Nov 2014

High quality rainwater storage module from China Leiyuan Industrial


OCT 9, 2014-China-The rain water storage module from Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd (https://www.greening-solution.com/rainwater-harvesting-tanks/) could be regarded as one kind of product which has the comprehensive consideration of rainwater runoff, pollution control, urban flood control as well as the improvement of ecological environment. The set up for the relate system such as roofing rainwater collection storage system, sewage and rainwater infiltration system, ecological community rainwater utilization system and other could help to collect the rainwater, which will be used for road spraying, irrigation for green space, toilet water flushing and other areas of the cities that need to use low quality waters.

The rain water storage module from Leiyuan Industrial is a kind of product that can be used to store water without occupying the space. This product has very high resistance to the super pressure. On the other hand, the 95% of the hollow space into this product can realize more efficient storage for the rain water.

In the operation process of the rain water storage tanks, the application of the waterproof cloth or geotextile can better help to complete water storing and emissions. At the same time, people should also set up inlet pipe and outlet pipe, water pump position and check well within its inner structure.

The technician from famous Rain Water Tanks supplier Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd also point out many advantages of their rain water storage tanks.

First, this storage tank could help to recycle the original space and then play the role of save space of your family or the community.

Second, from the calculating for the purchasing cost and the following up maintenance cost of this product, people could find that the totally cost is very low.

Thirdly, although the cost for the rainwater storage tanks is very low, the water storage of this product could also reach to the maximize efficiency.

Fourthly, the water tanks from Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd have the advantages of quick installation and it will help to save working time and improve the time limit for a project.

At last, as we have said before, this product does not need almost any kind of maintenance after installation.

All information above is the brief introduction about the rain water Harvesting Tanks from Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. If you want to get more information about this, please do not hesitate to visit their official website.

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  1. Kindly send me your price list for water storage tanks.

    I am in Cambodia (NGO water project)..



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