09 Mar 2016

How Can Horse Paddock Grid System Help with Mud Management?

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How can Horse paddock grid system help with mud management?

For most horse owner, mud management is a recurring challenge to them.  And here we would like to introduce how the paddock grid system from Leiyuan is a sustainable mud management solution for paddocks and turnouts.

As you may know, it is unsafe and unhealthy environments for horses if the muddy conditions exist for extended periods, because muddy problem will lead to possible injury and illness.  What’s more, bacteria and fungal organisms harboured in mud will results to abscesses, rain scald and thrush could

In 2005, a research study investigated history of lameness in horses and associated risk factors.  There are over 11,000 members of the British Dressage took part in the study.  The results revealed a connection between lameness and surfaces which became deeper in wet conditions.

It will become unstable if the sand is saturated.  Dips begin to appear and mud bubbles up.  Pressure from the hoof pushes down onto the wet sand.  Water fills the impressions, forming a soggy sub base.   Repeated turning actions from the horses churn up the soil forming an impermeable muddy pulp.

How can horse paddock grid system help with mud management?

The Horse paddock grid from Leiyuan Industrial Company acts as a mechanical separation layer between the drainage rock and the footing.  Using horse footing grid can create an aquifer underneath the riding surface so that rainwater percolates through the horse floor footing and the grid.  This water is held in the gravel sub base permitting absorption by the natural soils to occur or having time to run off slowly.

The grid can provide a stable surface that remains separate from the substructure by acts as a ground reinforcement system further.  The design of the plastic paddock grid assists with swift drainage and the prevention of soil compaction in the tread layer.

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