31 Aug 2017

How to avoid poor quality rainwater harvesting modules?

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With the development of the sponge city, the demand of underground rainwater harvesting modules is also increasing, now there are many different kinds, different quality modules in the market. Poor quality product not only easily damaged, but also cause serious problem like surface subsidence, need cost more to maintenance.

Here are several points to teach you how to choose right rainwater harvesting modules — LEIYUAN GS-Tanks

1. Production Strength. With 20 large advanced injection molding machines, regularly maintenance and replace them to ensure product quality as well as quantity.

2. Raw Material. GS-Tanks made of 100% high-quality recycled PP, characterized in no precipitates under water immersion, no off-smell, super strong acid resistance and strong alkaline resistance.

3. Quality Control. From material selection to shipment, each process has a specially-assigned person.

4. Quality Testing. GS-Tanks certified by CE, ISO 9001:2008 standard and USA TRI institution. Multiple inspection, product quality can meet the using standard in various markets.

What’s more, CREEP TEST shows that GS-Tanks service life can reach more than 40 years.

Choose right rainwater harvesting modules—GS-Tanks will bring you long term benefit, more information please visit www.greening-solution.com


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