08 Jul 2013

How to Compare Grass Pavers?

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1. Determine the material that comprises the grass pavers. Some pavers contain several materials, while others use mainly concrete, asphalt or plastic. Concrete materials tend to withstand heavy traffic and sunlight better than plastic, while plastic can last longer than asphalt in climates with extreme temperature fluctuations. Plastic is sturdy enough to suffice in areas subject to foot traffic, while driveways and golf cart trails require the considerable strength and durability provided by thick concrete and asphalt pavers.

2. Check the weight of your grass pavers. Although concrete pavers provide structural support in many industrial areas, parks and sporting fields, the substantial weight can make them difficult for individual homeowners to transport and install. Select lightweight materials, such as plastic and resin, to avoid lifting and moving cumbersome concrete pavers.

3. Compare the size of the grid areas within the pavers. This element can help you decide which pavers work best for your specific application. Large, open grids allow you to grow grass or other vegetative ground covers within the pavers. Some pavers come already packed with grass seeds, while others allow you to fill the grid holes with your own soil and seeds after installation. Smaller grid holes may help deter the growth of undesirable vegetation and weeds. Smaller holes in finer weaves, however, can clog with dirt and debris, especially in areas where foot traffic tends to spread mud over the surface of the grass pavers.

4. Estimate the amount of porosity you require when selecting grass pavers. Grass pavers can reduce the pressure on drainage systems, as well as help redirect run-off that may lead to soil erosion. If you only require a few feet of pavers to create a small path or to replace a section of barn flooring, the more expensive pavers may appeal to you. If your paving project is extensive, however, as in the case of a parking lot or long drainage channel, you may decide to go with the cheaper materials to save money.

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  1. Hola, me estoy construyendo una casa y quería saber el precio aproximado del m2 de adoquín con agueros ecologicos. Sería para un total de 172m2

    Espero sus comentarios.Gracias


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