25 Mar 2015

How to Solve Global Warming by Greening Solutions?

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Nowadays, the increasing addition of green house gases to the earth’s atmosphere is much concerned by our people. One of the outstanding greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. Usually when fossil fuels are burnt to produce energy for driving our automobiles, carbon dioxide is produced. It is believed that increasing addition of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will result in adverse changes to the earth’s climate, for example global warming, to the extent that at present, many inhabited areas of our planet will become inhabitable.

One of the ways to reducing carbon dioxide is restricting the use of fossil fuels, at the same time use alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power.

However, there is another way to reducing green house gases, which is proved to be the most beneficial way towards improving our planet’s sustaining qualities of life. This way is to make our planet greening. Carbon dioxide is to plant life what oxygen is to human and animal life. Plants need carbon dioxide for their growth and sustenance, same as oxygen to our people. When a tree is grown every time, it absorbs and converts some atmospheric carbon dioxide to useful organic materials. This absorption of carbon dioxide is rapidly growing in the early phase of a tree. The trees continue to produce fresh foliage every year so that the absorption of carbon dioxide is throughout the cycle life.

Recent human activity deforested large portions of our planet. For agricultural purposes, some deforestation is required, but there is much can be avoided. Except that, very large parts of our planet are large deserts or barren land which is not suitable for agriculture. These parts are ideally suited for increasing green forests on earth. They were green in ancient times. It is for this reason that petroleum is found in such areas. Modern science and technology has made the planting of select varieties of trees in dry desert areas feasible.

The conversion of this carbon dioxide to plants and trees through human effort is the final step. The green house gas emitting industry is already doing a commendable job of the first two steps of this cycle. However, we as a civilization have lagged behind in the last step towards greening our planet. Urgent attention must be given to this last step. If not done, it will result in the conversion of some of this green gas into materials such as inorganic carbonates through natural processes. Leiyuan greening roof material is one such product. They offer drainage plate, non-woven geotextile, root barrier etc. for greening solution, only we largely adopt green roof system can we solve global warming problem of our planet.



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