12 Sep 2014

Is A Grid System The Best Option for A Gravel Stabilizer?

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With a number of benefits, Leiyuan’s paving grid system is the best possible option as it creates ground reinforcement, acts as a gravel stabilizer and eliminates future maintenance issues. The  permeable pavers captures and stabilizes gravel, preventing it from spreading and causing ruts, a common issue with unstabilized gravel parking lots and roads. This means you don’t have additional maintenance costs from the frequent refilling and grading of the gravel surface.

Experience has shown that other methods for gravel stabilization, such as webbing, rollout pavers or borders, don’t provide the results you need, working poorly and requiring frequent maintenance, an added cost that you won’t have with Leiyuan’s paver system. Because webbing doesn’t retain gravel and concrete borders or edges don’t prevent rutting and allow excessive gravel spreading, it’s easy to see why Leiyuan is the choice of many contractors, as it addresses these issues without expensive and time-consuming future maintenance.

There are a number of situations in which the Leiyuan  pavement system can provide exceptional economic, maintenance and environmental benefits and should be seriously considered. In situations where moderate to heavy traffic exists and maintenance labor and cost is a concern, Leiyuan virtually eliminates these costs while providing decades of reliable service. If stormwater runoff, erosion and rutting from heavy rain are problematic, Leiyuan’s permeability provides both a protective channel and a storage buffer for rainwater. When gravel can cause choking dust clouds which damage crops, livestock and causes serious health issues, Leiyuan provides exceptional strength to prevent this problem. For more information on environmental benefits of leiyuan. For more information on how Leiyuan’s  paver system can benefit your project, please call us or contact us through our website https://www.greening-solution.com!


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