09 May 2020

Lawn drainage method of football field

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The field of the football field is large and flat. It needs to meet the needs of a long game, so the drainage of the football field is very important. So, how does the artificial turf drainage of the football field work? Many people do not understand it. Leiyuan Construction will introduce the construction method of artificial turf drainage for football fields.

1. Site surface drainage method
This is a more commonly used method. With the vertical and horizontal slopes of the football field, the rainwater is drained out of the field. It can exclude about 80% of the rainwater in the entire field. This requires accurate and very strict design slope values ​​and construction requirements. At present, a large number of artificial turf football fields are built, and detailed operations and strict standards are required during the construction of the grassroots level, so that rainwater can be effectively drained out.
The football field is not purely flat, but the requirements are turtle-shaped, that is, the middle is high and the four sides are low. This is done to facilitate rain and drainage. It’s just that because the court area is too large and there is a lawn on it, we can’t see it.

Lawn drainage method of football field

2. Grassroots drainage method
The basic drainage method has two aspects of drainage. First, the residual water after surface drainage, seeped into the ground through the loose grassroots soil, and at the same time passed through the blind ditch in the grassroots and discharged into the drainage ditch outside the site. On the other hand, it can also isolate groundwater and maintain the natural water content of the surface, which is very important for natural lawn football fields. The grassroots drainage method is very good, but the requirements for engineering materials are very strict, and the technical requirements for construction operations are high. If it is not done well, it will not play a role in seepage and even become a stagnant layer.
The drainage of artificial turf is generally in the form of seepage and drainage. The underground seepage system is closely integrated with the structure of the site. Most of them are in the form of blind ditch (an underground drainage channel). The drainage slope of the outdoor ground of the artificial turf foundation is controlled at 0.3% ~ 0.8%, the slope of the artificial turf site without water seepage function is not more than 0.8%, the slope of the artificial turf field with water seepage function is 0.3%, and the drainage ditch of the outdoor site is generally not Less than 400㎜.

3. Mandatory drainage method
The compulsory drainage method is to set a certain amount of water filtering pipes in the grassroots.
It is through the vacuum effect of the pump to pump the water in the grass roots into the water filter pipe and expel it to the outside of the site, which belongs to the strong drainage system. Such a drainage system allows the football field to play on rainy days. Therefore, the mandatory drainage method is essential.

Lawn drainage method of football field

If water accumulates on the football field, it will affect the result of the football field. Long-term water accumulation will also affect the life of the lawn. Therefore, it is very important to design the drainage construction of artificial turf in football fields.



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