26 Apr 2017

Leiyuan Grass Grid Helps You Build a Green Parking Lot

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With global climate warming, environmental issues aroused our attention. People began to consciously looking for a green material to build their own parking lot. They tried to park the car on the grass, but soon found that the parking lot would have a muddy mess. So that the grass grid appears in our sight.


Grass gridis a modern grass paver and gravel stabilization system. It divides a lawn into several parts that bear a certain amount of weight, reinforce the surface to prevent soil erosion and provide the area for grass grow.

Leiyuan grass grid is made of 100% high regenerated HDPE (high density polyethylene), to reach the service life more than 10 years. The grass grids are very durable, a large cost saving makes our porous pavers favorable when compared to other products on the market. Grass grids are environmentally-friendly provide more than 95% of grass area which absorbs noise and dust, and perfectly combine the lawn with the parking lot.

If you want to build a green parking lot, just contact us!



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