22 Jul 2014

Leiyuan Green Roof Products

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With the growing strength of China’s economy and improve people’s awareness of environmental protection, protection of ecological environment of urban air quality and reduce downtown, noise and heat island problem is getting attention and become a new topics of national party and all levels government .
Increase the green area is one important way to solve urban environmental problems. In the big cities advocated construction of “green roof“, “green balcony”, “green wall”, “green light rail” is main ways to increase the green area of the city .
Leiyuan purpose is adhering to the “green homes, green science and technology”, through years of research and experiment, has developed grass grid used in parking lot, fire exits, fire climbing surface; green roofs, green light rail (accumulator) Drainage Board; basement waterproofing drainage board; landscape drainage gutters with plastic grille; vertical green three-dimensional planting containers; trees beautify and protection wood theft tree board; landscape with isolated plate, root across plate; Slope, revetment with Eco-bags and other products.

Green Roof features:
1. Can absorb solar heat to alleviate the urban heat island effect
2. Evaporation of water, improve air humidity
3. Greatly reduce the city’s dust and PM2.5
4. Trapped rainwater, reducing the excretion pressure on rain and floods
5. Retard aging of the progress structures and roofing materials
6.Summer: room temperature lower than the construction without green roofs on average 1.9 degrees Celsius
Winter: room temperature will higher 2.1 degrees Celsius

Analysis of the series of green:
Drainage Board: replace the drainage layer of pebbles treatment not only save time, effort and energy saving investment, but also reduce the load of the building. Good drainage system for normal use and life cycle of construction and civil engineering structures has an important role. Cylindrical porous drainage board and Non-woven to form a system with seepage, water and drainage function.
Grass grid: replace cement blocks, with full landscaping, construction of complete formation, high strength, long life, performance stability, resistance to UV, acid corrosion, wear pressure, weather of minus 40 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius, good drainage characteristics. Bearing gravel layer provides good storage function to facilitate the discharge of excess groundwater infiltration. Grass grid installation convenient, labor-saving, shorten the construction period.
Hydrophobic plate: Bump hollow structure can be export groundwater quickly and efficiently, greatly reduce or even eliminate hydrostatic groundwater layer, through which the water guiding principles of the initiative can achieve the effect of active water
Plastic drainage grating: with high strength, corrosion resistance, drainage fast, easy installation, good plasticity and other characteristics, according to various shapes of random splicing ditch without clipping, nice.
Root across the board: the same area of plant roots isolation, classification of various types of plants, better growth, easy to use, the results at a glance


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