12 Jan 2016

Leiyuan Purchase New Injection Molding Machine for Rainwater Harvesting Module Production

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Recently Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited purchased a large scale equipment- injection molding machine for rainwater harvesting modular production. This kind of machine can made the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics material into various shapes of plastic products by using plastic molding mold. The clampling force of the new machine can even reach 8500KN. The large scale equipment injection molding machine has below excellent features:

1.Production capacity increased significantly. The large scale equipment enables Leiyuan to double the production of rainwater harvesting module and other plastic products obviously, which also help the company to improve the efficiency.

2.Product quality can be better and More Stable. By adopting the new machine, the rate of finished products is increased substantially and the quality is better and more stable.

3.Large-size product can be produce. Before adopting the new machine, the largest length of rainwater collection tank Leiyuan can produce is only-800mm. But now length above 1000mm is already available according to customer’s request.

injection molding machine for rainwater harvesting modular production(1)

Leiyuan company is always devote to make more contribution to the future of the environment friendly material in abroad. Now leiyuan can satisfy the requirements of high-end customers further by this purchase of higher demands and more improvement equipment. Besides that, the company plan to purchase more larger equipment in the near future and will promptly publish news.


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