14 Dec 2019

LEIYUAN Technology promotes China’s “green hospital” construction

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Green roof technology of LEIYUAN Technology promotes China’s “green hospital” construction

With the development of the global economy, the quality of people’s lives is getting higher and higher, but it is accompanied by ecological imbalances and environmental degradation. Therefore, “green life” has become the main theme of the modern era. In this environment, The idea of ​​”green hospital” came into being, and quickly became an inevitable trend in the construction of modern hospitals, with a view to saving resources, protecting the environment and reducing pollution to the greatest extent.

Green environment is the foundation of “green hospital

As a place for patients’ medical rehabilitation, the environmental quality of hospitals is particularly important, and the environment of “green hospitals” should have higher standards. “Green hospitals” should take green environment as an important measure for auxiliary medical functions, and give full play to the unique features of greening. Environmental benefits and physiotherapy.

LEIYUAN Technology promotes China's "green hospital" construction

The green roof of the science and technology building of Longgang District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Shenzhen

Setting up a roof garden in the hospital is a very good choice. Through green plants, rocks, water features, pavilions, etc., it is turned into a small lush garden, so that patients can get psychological comfort, eliminate fear and tension, relieve dullness and anxiety, and enhance Confidence in overcoming illness to facilitate recovery of the illness, while also providing a great rest area for hospital staff.
Roof greening does not need to occupy the tight land resources of the hospital, but makes full use of the roof of the hospital building, which can save operating costs and increase green coverage, and reduce noise, improve air quality, and remove some harmful gases. Most importantly, a comfortable and peaceful treatment environment can not only improve the environment and image of the hospital, but also provide a place for patients to relax and exercise.

Practical application of roof greening in hospitals
The green environment has obviously helped patients recover, and many hospitals have begun to apply roof greening to practice. Such as Thailand Ramathibodi Healing Garden, Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital of the United States, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Shenzhen Longgang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

LEIYUAN Technology promotes China's "green hospital" construction

ThailandRamathibodi Healing Garden

LEIYUAN Technology promotes China's "green hospital" construction

Roof greening project of Sami Medical Center, Pingshan District, Shenzhen

The roof greening project of Sami Medical Center in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, which is created by LEIYUAN Technology, is a good example. The project covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters. It is planted with a combination of flowers and aromatic plants to form a large romantic sea of ​​flowers. The colorful, bee flying butterfly dance brings a rich landscape experience for hospital patients, doctors, etc.

Modular planting container independently developed by LEIYUAN Technology

This project uses the modular planting container developed by LEIYUAN Technology to replace the drainage layer, waterproof layer, and thermal insulation layer in the traditional process. All functions are concentrated in the planting container, making it fully fit the “sooting” and “stagnation” of the sponge city. The six technical concepts of “storage”, “net”, “use” and “discharge” can effectively delay the peak time, reduce peak flow, collect and purify rainwater, reduce non-point source pollution, and improve the urban water environment. The project was also selected by the Shenzhen Municipal Government as a fine project of “Beautiful Shenzhen Greening Promotion Action” in Pingshan District in 2018.

It is well known that traditional processes need to lay a multi-layered structure, and face problems such as complex procedures, excessive load bearing, interference caused by human factors, miscellaneous intermediate links, and prone to quality accidents. The functionally integrated modular planting container seems to have its own protagonist halo, which brings great convenience to the construction, saves time, effort, and safety.

It is worth mentioning that this modular planting container was successfully selected into the “Guidelines for the Application of Advanced and Applicable Technologies and Products for Sponge City Construction” and is the only invention patent for roof greening planting pots in the past decade. Its specifications are 500 * 500 * 150mm. At present, it has achieved industrial production and has been listed in batches.

The trend of roof greening is expected, and the future can be expected
In the future, with the further acceleration of China’s urbanization, from the perspective of improving urban green coverage, improving urban ecological environment and people’s living experience, whether it is hospitals, learning, office buildings, residential buildings, shopping centers, business clubs, pensions Institutions, roof greening will be an integral part of future architecture.


LEIYUAN Technology promotes China's "green hospital" construction



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