08 Jul 2013

Magic parking lot to be green, strong and durable

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Would you like your parking lot to be green, strong, durable? Magic it with Grass Paving Grids.

Plastic grass paving grid is made from HDPE (high-molecular polyethylene) with fiber and age resistor, using high pressure to inject plastic to form bee nest-like shaped shell, with stereo space and support level. It’s widely used in parking lot, fire exit, fire climbing surface, etc. Since it can protect the grass, it is also known as the green mat.

Main Advantages:

1. Perfect Greening: grids covers more than 95% grass area with complete green effect, it can absorb noise, dust, heat and reduce the glare produced by the ground reflection.

2. Save investment: grids combined parking garage and greening, saving land.

3. Formation integrity: a unique and strong grid snap-lap the whole together into a flat overall, to avoid local depression, suitable for exercise, entertainment and leisure.

4. High strength and durability: grid using patented technology, the maximum compression capacity is 200 tons/sqm, greater than regulatory requirements of the saving fire plane 32 tons/sqm. Its stable performance, anti-UV, anti acid corrosion, and anti-wear pressure make the fire exits, fire climb surface into a green surface.

5. Permeability: load-bearing layer of gravel to provide a good permeability function, the excess water into the ground and increase underground water storage to prevent subsidence. It’s not only could oxygen permeability also can purify the air.

6. of grass: load-bearing layer of gravel to provide a certain amount of water features, enabling the growth of grass, can grow to the gravel layer.

7. Water conservation: Grass has water conservation functions, which can reduce urban inland inundation.

8 .Good weather resistance: can be used for snow riding channel for -40-90 C.

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  1. Zanima me koliko stane plastična podlaga za 60m2 plastične podlage za parking

    LP mojca


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