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Interlocking Grass Protection Mat

Item No.: MW-450
Size: 465x535x50mm
Material: HDPE (high-density polyethylene)
Pressure Strength: 200ton/sqm

Product: Grass Grid

Item No.: MW-450 | Interlocking Grass Protection Mat

Size: 465x535x50mm

Material: HDPE (high-density polyethylene)

Gravel Grid Technical Data:

Item No. MW-450
Size 465x535x50mm
Picture  MW-450_1
Apply Place  Gravel Road; access roads; emergency access lanes; car parks; vehicle hardstandings
Pressure Strength  1964KN/sqm(200ton/sqm)
Weight  5.5kg/sqm
Material  HDPE(high-density polyethylene)
Durability  durability of at least 8 years in neutral ground of 4 < pH < 9
Working Temterature  Apply in temperature of -40℃ to 90℃
Anti HCL  According to GB4218-1984, 30%x24h, no visible change
Anti NaOH  According to GB4218-1984, 40%x24h, no visible change
Thermal Aging  According to GB/T 7141-1999, 70ICx24h, no visible change
Anti UV  According to GB/T 18830, UPE>30 T(UVA)AV<5%, qualified
Package  Bundle, 8pcs=2sqm=1bundle
Loading Capacity 700sqm=1x20ft container; 1420sqm=1x40ft container; 1628sqm=1x40HC container

Gravel Grid Installation Guide:

subsoil layers for parking lot grids


gravel_grid_project_03 gravel_grid_project_02 gravel_grid_project_01

Gravel Grid Applications:
Parking for heavy traffic
Delivery truck centers
Emergency service (Fire Access routes)
Car parks (grass or gravel)
Overspill / overflow grass car parks
Service access roads
Road waysides
Maneuvering square
Driveways and residential lawn / gravel parking
Streetcar subgrades
Railway embankments
Slope and embankment reinforcement
Melioration ditches
Cycling and pedestrian trails
Aircraft Taxiways & Helipads
Golf buggy paths
Camping sites
Paddocks, horse studs
Home and garden
Garden pathways
Pond banks and floor
Lawn protection against wildlife
Home surroundings (gravel draining system)

Grass Grid Paving Method
1. The density of the soil layer should be compacted at lease 85%.
2. The thickness of the compacted gravel layer should be about 350mm. spread out and make it flat, laminate until it become densely.
3. Pave 70mm thickness small gravel (20%soil, 20%sand mixed with 60% small gravel) as leveling layer.
4. Pave grass grids, you can also cut the grass grid into suitable shape by saw, leave a little millimeter between the grids.
5. After paving grass grids, if need, you can use the fixed nails to further strengthen the grass grids.
6. If plant with grass seed, Load grass grids with planting soil, leave one centimeter, sow grass seeds and then sprinkle a thin layer of soil.
7. If paving with turf, first full-filled the grass grid with planting soil, use scraping straightedge to make the surface flat. When paving the turf, leaving about 2cm gap stagger the pavement. Watering until floating slurry, with a small roller or plate vibration machine to suppress turf into grass grid repeatedly.
8. Parking spaces can use the marble strips or others sectors to mark parking spaces, also can use eye-catching hat tag, embedded in the cellular grid as separator for parking
9. The lawn needs to build four to six times a year, and should timely removal of weed, fertilization. In the hot dry season, should be watering regularly or install automatic watering equipment to make the necessary conservation and management.

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