26 Oct 2015

Paddock Drainage Grid Mud free feeding and watering areas for livestock

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One paramount focus within the agriculture sector is that livestock can be kept well fed and watered. While how to efficiently manage time and maximize profit the daily upkeep of the animals must be done in a time efficient manner while keeping the animals safe and healthy?

Nowadays, with the development of industry, people has made huge strides to make such daily tasks time effective while still being affordable, such as automatic feeders and waterers, and computer assisted machinery. Although with all the advancements being made, ground compaction and the resulting muddy conditions around such areas still remain a common challenge, and this problem still make the agriculture sector very distress.

Heavily trafficked areas, like gated areas, paddocks, feeding areas etc., are often constantly muddy. The mud is caused by the constant compaction of the ground, which eliminating all drainage capability. When the heavily used areas become muddy, and it usually doesn’t take much rain to do so. The animals become dirty, which can lead to health problems if they are not kept clean and dry. Cleaning the animals dds extra maintenance time to an already arduous day because of the muddy problem.

Cattle farms, pig farms, chicken farms and equestrian facilities all over the world have found the plastic floor grid system from Leiyuan company is an affordable solution to muddy areas caused by repetitive compaction of ground around heavily used areas.

Leiyuan horse flooring stable grid solves mud problems immediately after installation. The grid is easily installed without the need of a specialized technician and is lightweight and easy to transport. The grid is climate stable and can be used in areas of extreme temperature both hot and cold. It is a low impact product and is environmentally sensitive, able to be used close to water bodies even for areas of river bed stabilization.

Livestock immediately gravitate to the area reinforced with paddock mats as it is dry and clean. There are pictures available depicting all the horses on the farm standing on the area of free mud plastic flooring to avoid the mud surrounding.

Paddock drainage grid can be installed in small areas, allowing you to specifically target the problem spots.

HDPE paddock grid can also be used to support access vehicles and farm equipment, stabilizing the ground in an affordable and permeable manner.

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