06 Jan 2015

Plastic Ground Reinforcement Systems

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The Leiyuan ground reinforcement grass grid MZ-450—made in China from 100% British recycled plastic waste.

The pavers clip together easily to create highly durable ground reinforcement to any dimension, perfect for car parking, pathways and verge stabilisation, amongst its many uses.

MZ-450 plastic grass grid is quick and easy to install, and creates a surface able to support a 16 tonne point weight (with a load capacity of 250 tonnes per m2), and is therefore suitable for all over the world’s road legal vehicles. It has recently been used by the Ministry of Defence in Australia to create a large parking area suitable for heavy military vehicles, illustrating the incredible strength of the product.

The pavers can be filled with gravel, or with seeded soil for a grass finish, meaning the finished hardstanding blends unobtrusively into the environment, unlike tarmac or asphalt surfaces.

Another advantage over block paving is that the MZ-450 is water permeable. Its modular grid system makes it easy to fit and allows rainwater to filter back to the water table, helping reduce the risk of flooding and making it perfect for incorporating into SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) strategies.

The MZ-450 is the highly durable, eco-friendly alternative surface for permanent and overspill car parks, private driveways, emergency vehicle access lanes, golf buggy paths, helicopter pads, cycle routes, pathways, verge stabilisation and many other uses.


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