Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and Making

Custom Plastic Injection Mold from China

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LEIYUAN company is a customized supplier of plastic products integrating R&D, production, sales, mold development and manufacturing, injection molding and processing of various plastic products, and plastic printing. We undertake customized processing of various plastic products with drawings and samples, quality assurance, Shipped quickly, large quantities favorably, specializing in the creation of high-standard and high-quality injection products, our company promises that large injection molding products can be free of mold opening fees.

The company has a number of independent and cooperative supporting injection mold processing plants, providing customers with design and development of plastic products and injection molding processing, mold design and manufacturing and other multi-faceted services.

Mold design and manufacture:The factory is equipped with a mold workshop, and the equipment includes CNC machining centers, wire cutting, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and other processing equipment.

We have a series of advanced design software and perfect processing equipment, professional CAD, CAN, CAE, NX-UG design talents, with many years of product design and mold production experience. The main products are: daily necessities moulds, table and chair moulds, turnover box moulds, tray moulds, pipe fitting moulds, household appliance moulds, auto parts moulds, compression moulds, die casting moulds and so on.

The company has experienced design engineers (can provide customers with early design intervention), mold technicians, process engineers and quality engineers to perform quality control and continuous improvement of each process of the company to ensure the consistency of batch products and cost optimization. Regardless of the size of the customer, we always treat each other with sincerity and always have a grateful heart to take this long-term common development.

Consistent quality, low-cost solutions, and rapid feedback are the main reasons why customers choose us, and are our continuous improvement goals.

Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and Making

Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and MakingChina Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and Making

Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and Making

Customized Plastic Injection Mold notice

  1. Demand customization
    Our company can customize the mold opening according to the drawings or samples you provide. You can modify and design the structure according to your requirements, model the overall three-dimensional rendering for you, and perform mold opening quotation and product quotation according to the three-dimensional, which is convenient You account for the overall cost of your product.
  2. Proofing
    After preliminary determination of the details such as style, size, material, price, etc., as required by the customer, we can provide prototype samples in advance before opening the mold (Note: The company will charge an amount of proofing fee according to the actual situation. Usually 3D printing or NC Milling), so that customers have a more intuitive understanding of product details.
  3. Purchase contract
    If there is no objection, both parties can sign a purchase contract (our company has a contract style), and the contract will detail the product information, delivery time, acceptance standards, settlement methods and other details. No refunds or refunds will be accepted for production.
  4. Customization period
    During the mold opening, we will give you a picture of the progress of the mold every 3-5 days. If the customer needs to change the shape of the product during the mold opening period, we will not charge any fee for the product before the processing. If the mold at the changed structure has been processed , We will evaluate and charge additional fees as appropriate. Review the product assembly and other details after the prototype is sampled. If there is any customer dissatisfaction, we will modify it until the customer is satisfied with the product, and finally confirm the product is OK. Later molds are injection molded in our company, and repair and maintenance of the molds are free.
  5. Cargo packaging
    Under normal circumstances, guests do not have special packaging requirements, our company uses ordinary carton or paper bag safe packaging (this packaging is free), if it is anti-collision goods, our company can carry out fine packaging according to the packaging method requested by the customer, but the resulting costs It will be borne by the guests themselves.
  6. Cargo transportation
    Except for special instructions, the contract price is not including the freight price. In special cases, the customer can choose the appropriate transportation method according to the needs, and our company will arrange the transportation matters on our behalf. (When there are more goods, logistics is generally used, and if there are fewer goods, for example, only one or two pieces of goods, we will use courier, because when the goods are less, general logistics companies will not come to pull the goods, please understand, our company defaults to Express, if there is a designated express And logistics, our company can contact you.)
  7. Service tracking
    Within seven working days after the transaction is completed, our company will follow up the quality, delivery date, salesman service awareness, etc. of this batch of products to better provide customers with satisfactory products. We will win your trust and cooperation with high-quality products, reasonable prices and good service.
  8. Remarks
    The online quotation is limited by the quantity and time, for reference only, please consult the salesman for the specific price, the latest quotation of the salesman shall prevail!
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Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and MakingPlastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and Making

Tips of Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and Making

  • About the price
    Due to different product types, materials and packaging, the price of the product may be different. The price of raw materials is subject to change at any time. The price of the product is for reference only. Please contact our customer service before buying. The customer service guides you to operate according to the purchase process and To complete the transaction, you can also call our customer service hotline for consultation.
  • About materials
    If the customer has the specified material, the customer’s designation is used. If not specified, our company recommends suitable materials according to product usage environment and functional requirements.
  • About drawings
    If you need a quick quote, provide a three-dimensional picture as much as possible, the format is stp, step, igs or x_t. If you do not have a 3D drawing, we can assist you in drawing.
  • About quality
    As a relatively mature technology company and a well-managed manufacturing company, we have a complete and advanced product development, manufacturing, inspection and sales service system. Quality is the life of the company. We provide customer service feedback within 48 hours and provide The customer with photo evidence will give a refund. If it exceeds 48 hours, please do not return the refund.
  • Mode of transport
    Due to the large volume of plastic products, it is recommended to take shipping containers. Our company has professionals or assistance in handling. We cooperate with large shipping or agency companies to query the status of cargo transportation at any time to ensure that the goods are delivered to you safely and quickly. It is also served by the customer’s designated express or logistics company.
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Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and Making
Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and Making from China

Injection Plastic Products Mold process description

Numbering Specific matters Detailed description
1 Selection of mold steel mold steel: 45#, 50#, P20, H13, 718, 2738, NAK 80, S136, SKD61, etc.

This type of product is a type with high appearance requirements, and the surface of the product requires high brightness, so the choice of mold material is very important, but considering the price, generally choose P20 steel, P20 is pre-hardened steel, not suitable for heat treatment , But can be nitrided, hardness 280HRC~400, because it has been pre-hardened, mechanical cutting is not difficult, and the hardness of this steel is higher than that of medium carbon steel, the deformation is also more stable than medium carbon steel, so in plastic mold It is widely adopted.

2 Formwork LKM, HASCO, etc.
3 Design software UG, PROE, CAD, CAXA, etc.
4 Plastic material PP, PC, PS, PE, PU, PVC, ABS, PMMA, etc.
5 Design of mold structure A professional designer designs a reasonable structure for you to achieve the shortest production cycle and reduce the follow-up processing procedures to improve production efficiency.

Cold runner, hot runner and hot nozzle cold runner structures are the three most commonly used.

6 Cooling water system and gate design According to the product’s structural characteristics and product appearance requirements to design a reasonable gate form, there are

Large gate, latent gate and fan gate, needle valve type, etc., reasonable cooling system

The mold temperature can be balanced in the shortest time to improve the accuracy and accuracy of the product

Product production efficiency.

7 Parts configuration Inserts, guide columns, guide sleeves, sliders, slider sleeves, inclined top blocks, etc. adopt wear-resistant standards

Parts to increase the service life of the mold.

8 Cavity Single/Double/Multiple
9 Mold surface treatment Industrial polishing grade
10 Product mold time 6-90 seconds
11 Target mold life 500,000 times or more
12 Time required to complete the mold 25-70 days

Plastic Injection Mold Factory Injection Molding Design and Making

If you have any new project to cooperate for these area, pls kindly send us the relevant 2D/ 3D drawings & detailed request. we will fully support you with best service and best cost.
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